Chapter 1249: A Supergiant Bug (Part One)

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“A total of 15 level 6 true gods can only last about two hours…” Fei gasped in his mind.

The ‘bug sea attack’ was terrifyingly powerful. The bugs that appeared so far were only the herald legions, and the most powerful and largest bugs were only at level 8 True God Realm. The legendary and mysterious [Mother Empress] hadn’t even shown up yet. Even though this was the case, the enemy force was strong enough. More than 1,000 years ago, the God Clan and Demon Clan got conquered in less than two months; it wasn’t because they had bad luck.

The fate of Azeroth was now covered in a dark shadow.

It was fortunate that the 15 barbarian warriors were made of pure energy, and they didn’t have flesh and physical bodies. Therefore, the bugs couldn’t get the necessary fuel to evolve. Furthermore, according to the information that Fei obtained as well, it seemed like the bugs couldn’t evolve in space, so Fei wasn’t worried that the masses of energy that these barbarian warriors left behind would be devoured by unique bugs.

Fei could only summon these barbarian warriors three times per day. After testing the strength of these bugs, he didn’t summon more barbarian warriors.

Knowing that the bugs before him couldn’t provide him with more information, Fei didn’t hold back and unleashed all his power. His early-stage supreme-godly strength was used, and terrifying laws of nature and laws of order gushed out of Fei’s body and exploded in the area. Like tsunamis, they rushed out and engulfed the entire star system.

Fei was going to clear the area.

The scene was shocking and terrifying at this moment. As if tornadoes blew through many sand sculptures, the destructive and invisible energy instantly permeated the area, shattering all bugs in this star system. Even those bugs that were equivalent to true gods could only whine before turning into small particles like collapsing sand sculptures.

In just a flash, all the bugs that had teleported to this place got wiped out.

Was this the true power of a supreme god? It was unheard of!

Fei controlled his power well. After causing the destruction, he slowly pulled back his force and didn’t affect those tens of thousands of wormholes, allowing the bugs to arrive in this star system one after another.

Fei was worried that if he shattered all these spatial teleportation channels, the bugs on the other end of the wormholes might create more wormholes in other places. If that happened, the plan that the Azeroth Continent prepared would be greatly affected.

After killing all the bugs in this star system, the information should be reported to the bugs on the other end of the wormholes, and higher-level bugs should soon arrive.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Just as Fei expected, some giant bugs that were equivalent to true gods already had a certain level of intelligence. After these bugs came out of the wormholes and glanced around, they instantly realized what happened as spirit energy frequencies that contained shock and horror appeared. These giant bugs never expected that after so many of their peers were teleported through the wormholes, they didn’t take care of the provokers on this end and got wiped out instead.

Streaks of powerful spirit energy frequencies started to vibrate in space.

Fei didn’t choose to attack. Instead, he quietly watched as these giant mountain-like bugs that looked strange and vicious communicated with each other, capturing their spirit energy frequencies.

With the amount of spirit energy frequencies that he knew already, Fei slowly tried to understand the meaning behind these new frequencies.

The bugs only communicated with each other using spirit energy frequencies.

These giant bugs that were shocked quickly passed spirit energy frequencies back into the wormholes. Then, a few of them dashed back into the wormholes to report in person.

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