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Hail the King Chapter 1250.1

Chapter 1250: Killing and Ten Days (Part One)

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“Anger is something that only the weak would show. Big monster, you can’t rival me if you don’t completely descend into this star system.”

Fei didn’t move and only released a streak of provocative spirit energy frequencies. Regardless of how the strange green flames wrapped around Fei, it couldn’t even burn a strand of his hair.

As soon as Fei finished speaking, he opened his mouth and sucked all the green flames that were burning through the star system into his stomach as if a whale was inhaling in the ocean. All the green flames were turned into masses of pure energy for Fei to consume.

This level of attack couldn’t threaten Fei.

This scene provoked the giant monster that was being teleported through the large wormhole.

A series of crazy and violent roars sounded from this giant locust-like monster’s mouth.

It struggled like crazy, and its giant body slowly squeezed out of the wormhole like a fat mole crawling out of its small cave. It took about six minutes to completely exit the wormhole and be freed of all spatial restrictions.

“Roar!” This bug looked up and roared.

Now that its entire body appeared in this star system, its’ visual impact was huge.

The green flames burned around this bug, and the violent and destructive energy waves and surges dashed in all directions.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

“Poor lowly bug! Die!” The giant monster transmitted its intent to Fei.

The giant compound eyes released green light dots, and they created a net of light, flying forward Fei and trying to engulf him like the invitation from the Grim Reaper. When the net touched the star fragments in space, those fragments got quietly turned into pieces that were about the size of sand grains.

“This seems to be one of the killing strikes of this giant locust-like monster.”

Fei sensed a streak of law of nature surging inside this attack that seemed like a laser-net. It was clear that it wasn’t a simple net of light made of energy.

“Could it be that during the process of evolution, this bug already merged with the godly laws of nature from the Azeroth Continent?” Fei thought to himself. When the green net of light got close to him, he reached out his hands and lightly ripped it.

As if he was tearing a piece of ragged cloth, Fei easily tore this green net that could instantly kill a low-level godly king into two. Then, a streak of golden light dashed out of Fei’s hands, turning the green net golden. After doing that, the golden net flew back toward the giant bug.

“Poor lowly bug! Die!” The giant locust-like monster released a streak of tornado-like spirit energy frequencies, and it repeated the same thing.

The surprising thing was that this series of spirit energy frequencies contained the ancient continental language of the Azeroth Continent.

In the next moment, Fei guessed the reason.

This should be a high-level bug that had participated in the war against the God Clan and Demon Clan more 1,000 years ago. It should have killed many masters of the God Clan and Demon Clan, absorbed its enemies’ power and comprehension of laws of nature, and evolved toward this path. Then, it obtained similar techniques and grasped the ancient continental language.

The battle began at this moment.

The bugs saw themselves as the greatest race in the universe, and they didn’t view humans as a worthy opponent.

This giant bug moved freely in space even though it was big like a mountain, and its six pairs of antennas whipped around violently, tearing the golden net of light into pieces.

Then, like a mad bull, it dashed across space and stomped toward Fei with its sharp weapon-like front legs while green flames burned around it.

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