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Hail the King Chapter 1250.2

Chapter 1250: Killing and Ten Days (Part Two)

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“Hahaha! You want to compete with me in terms of size?”

Fei laughed and dashed forward. His body size instantly increased by more than 1,000 times, turning into a giant who was more than 3,000 meters tall. His giant hands reached out and caught the front legs of the giant bug, and he pulled onto it and spun like a spinning top before letting go and throwing this giant locust-like bug away.


The giant locust-like bug struggled like crazy, but it was no use.

Its giant body smashed into a giant wormhole further away and shattered the stability of the spatial elements that weren’t firm in the first place.

As the wormhole exploded, the terrifying energy left many cracks on the bug’s body, and green blood jetted out of the wounds.

This giant bug was injured by Fei in one move.

Fei didn’t give this giant bug the time to breathe. He turned into a bolt of lightning and chased after the bug. As if his fists turned into meteors, the punches that were beyond the speed of sound struck the chest and belly of this giant bug.

“Poor lowly bug! Die” the giant bug roared and released a series of spirit energy frequencies.

Its belly was covered with a hard green bone shell. Suddenly, the bone shell opened, and many bone spikes that shone with chilly light shot out. At the same time, its antennas, front legs, and thick back legs all turned around as if its joints were non-existent, tightly locking down Fei.

More than 1,000 years ago, this bug used this trick and killed many gods and demons.

Unfortunately for this bug, its enemy was Fei today.

Fei loved close-range combat since he was the most familiar with the barbarian’s combat style. As a close-range combat master, how could he be injured by this? The fierceness of this giant bug ignited Fei’s battle-hunger, and he roared and instantly broke this bug’s antennas and legs that were wrapped around him with his bulging muscles, completely ignoring the bone spikes that contained laws of destruction and were flying toward him.

A series of shrill screams sounded in space.

Giant bone-structured limbs and flood-like blood formed many giant masses of green light.

The bone spikes disappeared before they could get close to Fei, and Fei’s fists almost turned the belly of this giant bug to mush.

This man and this bug battled each other without holding back, and energy waves surged in space.

In the end, Fei pressed the giant locust-like bug onto a meteorite and almost beat it into a meat jam. It was completely killed, and even the meteorite was destroyed.

This peak godly-king-level giant bug died.

Fei released many golden and silver sword energies and refined its remaining corpse, obtaining a massive amount of energy.

“You are a maniac.”

Continental Martial Saint Maradona’s voice sounded by Fei’s ears.

When a silver light flashed by, Maradona returned from his trip.

“Old man, why didn’t you help me?” Fei looked at the wormholes that stabilized again and sensed hundreds of presences that weren’t weaker compared to the giant locust-like bug that he just killed through them. With a grim expression, he said, “Ok, it seems like these bugs are really going to come here. We will be busy for the next while. Old man, you must be careful. If you get smashed by the bugs, I won’t save you.”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Maradona pouted and opened one of his hands, and a strangely-shaped curved blade appeared, emitting a terrifying aura.

This was a god-tier combat weapon.

It seemed like the Continental Martial Saint was about to use his full strength.

“Those guys who are known for their intelligence asked us to stall the bugs here for ten days; it is the only way that they can have enough time to set everything up,” Maradona said, “If we can’t last, they will send reinforcements over soon.”

“Ten days?” Fei calculated in his mind and became even more serious.

Even though Fei was now a supreme god and Maradona was also insanely powerful, it was a huge challenge for them to stall the bugs for ten days. Only one day passed, and the enemy already sent over a peak godly-king-level bug.

“What will happen next? Will supreme-god-level bugs come here from the other side?”

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