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Hail the King Chapter 1251.1

Chapter 1251: First Blood (Part One)

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In reality, Fei’s guess wasn’t wrong.

After the bugs were blocked in front of the wormholes for three days, they sent out a supreme-god-level bug. This bug wasn’t similar to the giant locust-like beast that was equivalent to a godly king. It was a snake-like bug that was only a few hundred meters long. Its body was tough like a god-tier combat weapon, and it could control lightning.

In this battle, Maradona was severely injured, and Fei was wounded as well.

Fei only took care of this supreme-god-level bug after spending half a day and paying a hefty price.

Although Fei had access to a massive amount of pure energy to replenish his energy depletion, he couldn’t absorb it in a short time.

After fighting with the bugs for several days non-stop, Fei’s strength was greatly reduced. On the other hand, Continental Martial Saint Maradona received medical treatments from Fei but could no longer battle. The injuries that the supreme-god-level bug left on his body forced him to retreat to the distant battleground in space, getting the rest that he needed.

This was terrible news for humans.

The bugs were only blocked here four days in total, yet they sent over a supreme-god-level existence. It was hard to imagine what kind of forces that the bugs were going to send over next. The situation seemed to show that the bugs didn’t lack supreme-god-level entities.

The most worrying thing for Fei was that the [Mother Empress] in legends that controlled the bugs hadn’t appeared yet.

According to the information that Fei obtained, he used a little extrapolation and guessed that the [Mother Empress]’s strength was beyond the Supreme God Realm. It was hard to imagine what humans could rely on to win this war once the [Mother Empress] arrived.

As the most powerful human, Fei didn’t have the strength to rival high-level supreme gods yet.

The battle continued.

After Maradona retreated to the battleground in space, human reinforcements came to assist Fei.

There were more than a dozen god-level dragon knights and various top-tier masters who used to belong to different super empires. There were [Battle God] Ronaldo of Madrid and [God’s Son] Messi of Barcelona.

This pair of nemeses had never imagined that they would fight alongside each other one day.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Fei had used a ton of his godly power. As the most powerful human, he had to rest. This way, if a devastating situation occurred, humans could have the strength to turn the tables and potentially prevent a disaster.

High-level and low-level bugs were shooting out of the wormholes continuously like water jetting out of a pipe, and the human reinforcements joined the battle.

Now, Fei finally got a chance to breathe. He was stationed at the center of this star system, and he helped out when human masters fell into dangerous situations, preventing as many casualties as possible. After four days of high-intensity battle, Fei consumed a ton of godly power, and he needed time to readjust and become stronger since there was a huge amount of pure energy in his grand godly realm that he hadn’t had the chance to absorb.

It was fortunate that the overall strength of humans increased drastically.

About a month ago, the technique that could break the barrier between the Demi-God Realm and the True-God Realm was shared by the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church, and it quickly spread throughout the continent. Furthermore, the laws of nature changed on the Azeroth Continent, allowing many demi-gods who were stuck in their realm to advance and become true gods.

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