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Hail the King Chapter 1251.2

Chapter 1251: First Blood (Part Two)

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To prepare for the war, many masters were permitted to cultivate in those unique spaces of the Northern Region Empire where time flowed faster compared to the outside world. Now, many true gods and even godly kings existed among humans.

For example, Messi and Ronaldo were both godly kings.

The tragic battle continued.

The bugs were fighting for the control of the space within 1,000 kilometers of the wormholes. If they were able to obtain the control, they could send troops to this star system continuously without obstacles, and these troops could move around and create larger wormholes to teleport the main forces and the more powerful bugs.

Through observation, Fei noticed that the higher level a bug was, the harder it was for it to get through the wormholes. For that supreme-god-level bug to come here, more than ten godly-king-level bugs burned their energy and sacrificed themselves to create a supergiant wormhole for it to get through.

It was clear that to create a supergiant wormhole, processes had to take place on both ends of the wormhole.

It seemed like the bugs’ evolution path tilted toward technology. In the war on the Azeroth Continent more than 1,000 years ago, they didn’t get to devour many gods and demons who mastered the laws of space. Therefore, their control of the laws of space was weak, and this weakness of the bugs could be exploited by humans.

As long as human masters could stall the bugs near the wormholes, the bugs wouldn’t be able to move forward quickly and teleport their main forces.

Time passed by.

Even with Fei at the center of the star system and overseeing the battle, casualties were unavoidable.

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An explosive noise resonated in the dark star system. A human dragon knight named Pires who was from the Arsenal Military District on the Eastern Region of Azeroth was surrounded by many powerful bugs, and he suffered unrecoverable injuries. In this situation, he chose to self-detonate. The powerful godly laws of nature spread in the area and turned the bugs that were within 100 kilometers of him into dust. However, the price that Pires paid was the complete disappearance of his soul.

All the human masters who were in battle quietly looked toward Pires’ direction, paying respect to their peer who was the first to die in this war.

This was the first blood that humans shed, but it was probably not the last.

However, the human masters who were battling didn’t get fearful.

On the contrary, the sacrifice of this peer stimulated their bravery.

[God’s Son] Messi and [Battle God] Ronaldo charged into the sea of bugs with their peers behind them.

“Revenge!” everyone shouted in their minds.

Compared to the bugs, these human masters were way more intelligent, could coordinate with each other well, and had more coordination experience. The 30-or-so human masters created two cone-shaped formations, and they moved inside the sea of bugs non-stop, avoiding being tied down by the bugs. Every time they moved, they tried to destroy one wormhole to slow down the bugs’ teleportation speed.

Fei could only help when these two teams encountered deadly dangers.

In the meantime, Fei was trying to recover his godly power and absorb the pure energy inside his grand godly realm.

To humans, the good news was that after the first supreme-god-level bug died, there wasn’t a second supreme-god-level bug that got teleported over. This was the only way that Messi and others could buy time for Fei.

-The battleground in space-

At this moment, the human troops that were busy working saw the tragic last moment of Pires and his dragon through the projected screen of a divy crystal.

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