Chapter 1252: Terrible News (Part One)

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The generals and soldiers of the former Arsenal Empire cried and sobbed.

Pires was a famous general of Arsenal for more than 100 years, and he had great influence in the empire. He was the idol of many people.

The Arsenal Empire was now in the history of the Azeroth Continent; the entire continent was controlled by the Human Emperor. The Arsenal Empire turned into the Arsenal Military District, but the Arsenalians’ admiration and respect toward Pires didn’t change.

In the past, [Lightning’s Edge] Pires, [Spear King] Henry, and [Warrior of Ice] Bergkamp created the terrifying trident of Arsenal. Wherever they went, they were undefeated and made a name for Arsenal. As a result, these three figures were looked up to by many people.

Unfortunately, everyone would die one day.

That booming explosion and the radiant light became the last proof of Pires’ existence in the world.

[Lightning’s Edge] Pires died in space to protect the land behind him.

Even though he died, he chose the most tragic way which was self-detonation, not letting the bugs get anything from his death.

On the vast battleground in space, not only the soldiers and masters of the former Arsenal Empire, but all human fighters and members of other races saluted at the scene that was projected above them by a divy crystal.

Then, a series of dragon roars resonated on the battleground in space.

Tens of thousands of dragons encircled the scene that was projected and roared in anger.

There was a god-level green dragon who self-detonated alongside Pires.

This dragon was an elder in the Dragon Clan who participated in the war more than 1,000 years ago. It was also the first dragon who took a human as its knight. It acknowledged Pires as its knight, and they volunteered to reinforce Fei, killing many bugs. Their deaths were going to be recorded in the history book for this era of the Azeroth Continent.

In the next moment, everyone started to move faster and worked harder, trying to complete the setup on the battleground without needing any motivating chants and phrases.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Everyone knew that if they could complete the setup on the battleground in space one second earlier, the heroes would bleed less in that star system.

It was Fei’s third time summoning the barbarian warriors today.

These godly warriors who weren’t afraid of death coordinated with figures such as Messi and Ronaldo. In the critical moments, they acted as meat shields so that others could retreat safely. With this strategy, casualties were kept at a minimum.

Soon, another day passed.

The bugs were already blocked here for a total of five days, but humans had paid a hefty price.

After [Lightning’s Edge] Pires, five more human gods such as [Giant God of Battle] Carol of Liverpool, [Tough Stone] Vidic of Manchester United, and [Rapid Sword of Wind] Ozil of Madrid all died in battle. In the most dangerous times, they also chose to self-detonate, bringing destruction to the bugs even when they died.

At this moment, Fei finally recovered his godly power and completely absorbed the massive amount of pure energy in his grand godly realm.

Now, Fei’s degree of fusion with the grand godly realm had reached 89 percent, meaning that Fei’s strength had skyrocketed to level 6 Supreme God Realm in only five days. He was able to continuously borrow power from his grand godly realm.

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