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Hail the King Chapter 1252.2

Chapter 1252: Terrible News (Part Two)

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To some degree, the bugs who were great at absorbing their enemies’ energy and evolving finally met their nemesis. The energy that they left after they died gradually became Fei’s energy. Although Fei still didn’t know why he could see and absorb this type of primal pure energy, it was a great sign.

When Fei recovered his peak strength, Continental Martial Saint Maradona who had healed up returned to this star system.

People like Messi and Ronaldo were hanging on the last straw, and they finally got the chance to return to the battleground in space to rest.

Before leaving, they collected the broken armor and weapon fragments of their peers who had died in battle. These remaining items could be placed in the cenotaphs of these heroes, and the future generations could pay respect to these brave and honorable elders who sacrificed their lives.

Of course, this could only happen if the Azeroth Continent had a future.

Now back to his prime, Fei could unleash all his power and start the revenge. He showcased his terrifying abilities again, clearing all the bugs in this star system. A massive amount of pure energy flew into Fei’s body in the form of light dots. With the increase of his strength, Fei’s speed of absorbing this type of mysterious pure energy grew faster.

The battle became a little bit easier, but the situation was still grim.

At noon on the sixth day, Maradona had to return to the battleground in space to rest due to more heavy injuries.

Fei was also injured quite a bit.

The bugs finally unleashed their furious counterattack. By paying the hefty price of the lives of more than 20 peak godly-king-level bugs, they activated two supergiant wormholes and teleported over two supreme-god-level bugs.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

It was fortunate that Fei’s strength already increased to level 6 Supreme God Realm. After summoning saint items such as the Scepter of Creation and the Throne of Creation, he was barely able to kill these two bugs that were equivalent to level 4 supreme gods.

During this battle, Continental Martial Saint Maradona who was only in charge of inspecting the area was hit by the residual energy waves and got severely injured.

“Damn it. I didn’t think that my old bones would be so fragile. Time sure is a killer…” Maradona sighed in sadness before he left.

Indeed, the power of the bugs was far beyond everyone’s estimates. This was their first real encounter with the bugs, but the latter showed a dominating advantage in less than ten days.

In the last 1,000 years, Maradona was a legendary figure on the continent, but he could only inspect the area during battles on this level and might die at any time. This was tough to witness.

If it weren’t for Fei who was an unparalleled and shocking genius, the Azeroth Continent wouldn’t be able to last a second before being destroyed.

Maradona’s return to the battleground in space meant that another round of tough battle began in this star system.

Another group of masters from the united troops came to this star system to assist Fei.

This time, except for human masters and dragon knights, there were also senior elf elders of the Elf Clan, dwarf king warriors of the Dwarf Clan, giant whale berserk gods of the Sea Tribe, and grand alchemists of the Gnome Clan.

The battle became long and drawn-out just like before.

Due to his injuries, Fei had to battle while healing himself by absorbing the pure energy in his grand godly realm. Those two supreme-god-level bugs brought Fei a shocking amount of pure energy. If Fei absorbed it, his strength would leap forward unimaginably.

At this moment, terrible news came from the battleground in space.

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