Chapter 1253: Tragedy (Part One)

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At the star system where the wormholes appeared, Fei and the masters of various races fought hard to guard this path that led to the Azeroth Continent.

At this moment, a piece of urgent news came from the battleground in space.

The person who came to deliver the news was Golden Elf King Akinfeev.

This low-key and mysterious Gold Saint of Pisces, one of the 12 Gold Saints of Chambord, already activated his golden elf king bloodline, and his strength skyrocketed and reached peak Godly King Realm. He was the most powerful being among the 12 Gold Saints.

However, at this moment, Akinfeev’s aura was messy, and a shocking wound could be seen from his right shoulder to his abdomen. He looked to be in terrible condition.

“Something happened. Hyperspace teleportation tunnels appeared around the battleground in space. The Polluters appeared there…” Akinfeev said while panting. It was clear that he went through a tough battle.

“What?” Fei was shocked. “How is this possible? I already paid attention and didn’t sense any rapid surges of spatial elements within millions of kilometers. How could it be… how could those bugs know the spatial coordinates of the battleground in space?”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

“About an hour ago, a small mutated wormhole appeared, and many high-level bugs showed up. There were powerful beings among them. They dissected the area around the battleground using the laws of nature, and the united troops on the battleground suffered many casualties. Fortunately, we did many preparations in the last while, and we didn’t get chaotic. The commander center on the battleground in space tried to notify Your Majesty several times, but the messengers were all killed by the Polluters. In total, six groups of god-level scouts were wiped out. In the end, I finally charged through the enemies, but my golden royal guard team who came with me all died…” Akinfeev looked saddened.

Akinfeev was extremely close with the members of his golden royal guard team. It was painful for him to see them all die before his eyes.

It was evident that the situation on the battleground in space became dangerous. Otherwise, the Golden Elf King wouldn’t come here to report to Fei in person.

The situation was turning bad.

Fei waved his hand, and a streak of golden light dashed into Akinfeev’s body, healing all the injuries.

Then, Fei thought to himself, “How did it happen? It shouldn’t be! For bugs to open wormholes, they need extremely accurate spatial coordinates. Otherwise, any discrepancies might lead to the destabilization and collapse of the wormholes, turning the teleportation tunnels into paths of death. Any creature that entered it would be disintegrated into the primal elements.”

The battleground in space was a remote place that the God Clan and Demon Clan prepared for this war. Even the biggest bug spy, Dicanio, didn’t know about the battleground in space at all. In the last 1,000 years, this place was well-protected and well-hidden. Theoretically, the bugs shouldn’t know about the spatial coordinates of that place. Unless… the bugs just learned about the spatial coordinates! It means…”

Fei gradually figured it out. It seemed like he had underestimated the bugs.

Although the bugs were blocked in this star system by Fei, they used a secret technique and obtained the spatial coordinates of the battleground in space. After all, there were connections between this star system and the battleground in space. Continental Martial Saint Maradona had traveled between these two places, and human masters such as Messi and Ronaldo also made trips. It seemed like the bugs used these connections and found the location of the battleground in space.

“They think that the battleground in space is the place where humans escaped to? What should I do now?” Many thoughts flashed through Fei’s mind.

According to the original plan, Fei was going to try to stall the bugs at this star system, waiting for the united troops on the battleground in space to fully prepare. Then, they could battle the bugs head-on in high-spirits and try to win the battle. Now, this plan was messed up.

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