Chapter 1253: Tragedy (Part Two)

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If Fei instantly returned to the battleground in space to help, all the efforts that were spent here would be wasted. If Fei left, the bugs would immediately take control of this star system, and their main forces would come here in a short moment. Then, in their next leap forward, they could instantly descend onto the Azeroth Continent that was empty and weak right now, butchering all the creatures. If that happened, all the efforts that were put into the preparation of the war would be gone.

“But if I stay here and try to stall the bugs… the battleground in space would be in extreme danger. Since they blocked my senses earlier, it means that there is at least a supreme-god-level bug over there. There is no way that the united troops can block such a high-level existence…”

“It seems like I can only risk it this time…” Fei knew that at this moment, perhaps the lives of many creatures and the fate of the entire continent were in his hands.

Fei clenched his teeth and used the laws of space. Masses of golden mist merged into this star system, and the laws of nature in the area seemed to be overloading, making the spatial elements within tens of thousands of kilometers extremely firm.

Now, it would be tough for the bugs to sacrifice the lives of godly-king-level bugs to open supergiant wormholes to teleport supreme-god-level bugs into this star system.

After doing this, Fei instantly summoned the Throne of Creation, the Scepter of Creation, and the Armor of Creation. Then, with a shiver, a doppelganger walked out of Fei’s body. In the next three days, this doppelganger was going to have Fei’s peak power. After three days, he was going to turn into a streak of smoke and disappear.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Fei left the three saint items over here, trying to use the power of his doppelganger and the three saint items to stall the bugs in this star system for three days.

In the next three days, Fei had to take care of the tough situation around the battleground in space.

“Let’s go!”

After making the decision, Fei didn’t hesitate. A streak of power engulfed Golden Elf King Akinfeev and Fei, and they merged into space and disappeared in the next second.

Only Fei’s doppelganger was left here. With the Scepter of Creation in his hand and the Armor of Creation on his body, this doppelganger sat on the Throne of Creation expressionlessly and unleashed a great amount of godly power that surged in this star system like tsunamis and shattered the low-level bugs.

In the next three days, this doppelganger was going to guard this star system with more than a dozen masters such as dwarf king warriors, senior elf elders, and gnome king warriors, stopping the bugs from occupying this only leaping spot that would lead to the Azeroth Continent.

If this location were lost to the bugs, the only ending for the weak Azeroth Continent would be destruction.

When Fei was about a few thousand kilometers away from the battleground in space, Fei finally sensed a streak of strange and chilly energy that permeated the space. It was this streak of energy that blocked all the energy surges that were appearing around the battleground in space. It cut off the spatial element surges when the mutated wormhole appeared around the battleground in space, not allowing Fei to sense any of this from afar.

Fei moved his hands and ripped this barrier that was made of laws of nature and almost killed Akinfeev.

Akinfeev felt like his eyes brightened, and the grey, stardust-like particles disappeared. The universe before him became clear as if a grey veil was removed from his eyes.

Then, countless bugs appeared in the space before them.

The grey and black bugs moved in space, looking like torrents that were about to destroy the world. The grinding noises created by the bone-structured outer-shells of the bugs could be heard even though this was in space, and the soundwaves that contained destructive power filled the area. All kinds of powerful and weak spirit energy frequencies moved in the area, making this space seem as if it was a pot of boiling water.

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