Chapter 1253: Tragedy (Part Four)

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“Poor creature, [Mother Empress] discovered your conspiracy long ago. The era where you struggled to survive will end! Come! Use your lowly lives and sweet blood to entertain the great bugs!”

A series of spirit energy frequencies were emitted from this giant lizard-like bug.

Fei didn’t say anything since the time was tight.

In the next moment, many of Fei’s phantoms appeared in space and surrounded this giant lizard-like bug in the middle.

Endless energy fists dashed across space like the most brilliant meteorites, engulfing this supreme-god-level bug.

The terrifying shockwave turned all the low-level bugs within 1,000 kilometers into dust.

After the collision lasted for a split-second, Fei dashed forward and flew toward the battleground in space that was already visible while dragging a long tail of flame.

On the other hand, the supreme-god-level lizard-like bug froze on the spot.

“Poor creature, you… you won’t succeed. Lord [Mother Empress] will avenge me!”

Before this bug could finish emitting its spirit energy frequencies, its body exploded without a warning.

The flesh and bones that contained essence dashed in all directions as the energy of the explosion sent them flying.

However, after they flew out for several thousand meters, they suddenly stopped moving as if an invisible barrier stopped them all. Then, an invisible force wrapped around all the flesh and bones, collecting them and packing them into a ball.

After a series of golden light flashed, the ball of flesh and bones turned into a mass of pure energy, and this mass of energy flew forward and dashed into Fei who was flying away.

Instant Kill!

Fei’s strength had reached the peak Supreme God Realm after absorbing the core energy of a few supreme-god-level bugs. It wasn’t hard for him to kill a mid-tier supreme-god-level bug now.

The bugs didn’t think that they would become prey one day. Also, this terrifying hunter could absorb their core energy and increase his strength just like how the bugs could use the devour and evolve abilities that they were proud of.

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A mass of brilliant flames lit up in the dark space, and every member of the united troops from the Azeroth Continent felt sadness surging in their minds.

The mass of bright flames that seemed to be the most beautiful firework in the world represented the death of another unparalleled master who was severely injured and chose to self-detonate.

Another great master died!

About an hour and a half ago, a mutated wormhole suddenly appeared in the beautiful and tranquil space.

Then, terrifying Polluters appeared, and a battle that was expected but came too early took place.

It was a tragic scene.

The first group of masters who charged up included General Alonso of Madrid who was famous, Emperor Guardiola of Barcelona, five dragon-king-level ancient giant dragons, and six other supreme masters of the united troops.

Then, many masses of brilliant flames exploded in space.

In just ten minutes, the number of masters who died in battle was more than the number of masters who died on the Azeroth Continent in the last 1,000 years.

These heroes who were the protagonists of their eras in the last 1,000 years ended their brilliant lives abruptly and surprisingly.

Those firework-like flowers of flames put periods on the lives of these heroes.

However, this tragic scene didn’t make anyone want to retreat.

Many streaks of meteorite-like flames dashed across the dark space. Many masters of the united troops reacted and flew toward the bugs to battle, fulfilling their obligations as masters with their lives.

Countless corpses of the bugs fell onto the battleground in space.

Also, countless bugs rushed out of the mutated wormhole like water jetting out of a fountain and landing on this continent like hungry locusts.

The battle became chaotic and cruel.

Blood, broken limbs, sad howls, angry roars…

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