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Hail the King Chapter 1253.5

Chapter 1253: Tragedy (Part Five)

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Sword energies, saber beams, flames from the magic arrays that soared into the sky, silent arrows from the elf archers, explosive and ferocious gunfire from the gnomes, sharp bone spikes and bone sabers of the bugs, blood and saliva that could melt iron, terrifying thunderbolts…

All weapons that could harvest lives were used at this moment.

In the sky, the residual energy waves from the battle of the supreme existences instantly took the lives of tens of millions of bugs every second, and the broken bodies of the bugs fell toward the battleground in space like the raindrops in a storm.

It was fortunate that the united troops had prepared and created many traps and ambushes on this continent. After the initial panic, the troops calmed down and started to counterattack.

The silver crystal battle soul warriors of the Northern Region Empire dashed on the ground, continuously assisting the various troops that fell into dangerous situations. Their bodies that were made of mystical gold weren’t afraid of the sharp claws and bone spikes of low-level and middle-level bugs.

The number of low-level silver crystal battle soul warriors that were made from [Black Stone Essence] and [Demons’ Remain] was even higher; there were 100,000 of them. Although their combat strength wasn’t as high as the mystical gold war puppets, they weren’t afraid of head-on collisions with middle-level bugs. Like cold butchers, they quickly harvested the lives of the bugs that descended on the land.

The Northern Region Empire didn’t hide any strength; it sent out its most powerful troop immediately.

At the same time, all kinds of magic weapons were activated and used inside the tough defensive structures that could block the bugs. These weapons were used to their full capacity as if the magic energy supply was free, and many destructive magic beams blinked. Every time a beam appeared, a true-god-level bug was taken down.

As soon as the bugs and the creatures from the Azeroth Continent met, they used their most powerful strength.

This wasn’t a war; it was a two-sided massacre.

The battleground in space and the sky above it was like a giant mill of life and a mincer, turning the creatures in it into piles of bloody flesh that no longer contained souls.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

After the initial messy situation, the situation gradually stabilized.

Under the command of famous generals such as Mourinho, Wenger, Ferguson, Capello, and Arshavin, the operation of the united troops became smoother and more efficient, and the casualty count per minute started to decrease. At least on land, the united troops stabilized the situation and obtained the advantage. Using the preparations that they set up earlier, they started to kill the bugs that landed on the ground relatively easily.

After experiencing the initial massacre, the warriors of the united troops gradually got used to the bugs that were crazy and terrifying; they were no longer panicking.

However, the supreme masters who were battling in the sky fell into a state of anxiety.

As more and more wormholes appeared, more and more high-level bugs rushed out. The momentum of the battle in the sky was gradually moving toward the direction that wasn’t favorable for the united troops.

The top-tier combat force was always the weakness of the united troops from the Azeroth Continent. In the last 1,000 years, almost no gods appeared among humans. Although other races had god-level entities who survived until now from the ancient times, there weren’t many of them.

Only in the last while, the technique of breaking into the True God Realm was spread on the continent by Human Emperor Alexander, and those masters who were truly talented got the chance to cultivate in the spaces where the time flowed faster. With this technique that burned people’s potential to increase their strength, many god-level masters appeared on the continent in a short time.

Although the strength of the Azeroth Continent increased, the quantity and quality of these masters couldn’t be compared with the bugs that had a history of millions of years.


Suddenly, a streak of terrifying energy fluctuations came from inside the mutated wormhole that first appeared.

The powerful beings on both sides that were battling in the sky were blown away by this energy helplessly as if they were straws in a storm. They all puked out blood and looked shocked.

The intense and deadly battle between these powerful beings was stopped abruptly.

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