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Hail the King Chapter 1254.1

Chapter 1254: The Appearance of the Lord of the Bugs (Part One)

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A terrifying existence appeared.

Just the presence alone could engulf the world. Standing before this aura, those supreme masters who could break the stars were like toddlers who just learned how to walk. They staggered and dropped down from the sky, and they puked out mouthfuls of blood.

All creatures were stunned by this destructive presence, and they shivered uncontrollably.

A figure slowly walked out of the mutated wormhole that appeared, attracting all the attention in this star system.

“What… is that?”

“Is the lord of the bugs finally here?”

“The destroyer of the world appeared?”

“This presence is terrifying!”

Everyone felt suffocated, and their eyes were glued onto this figure.

The terrifying ocean-like presence was coming from this figure.

However, every member of the united troops on the battleground in space was shocked when they saw this figure. They were dumbfounded and looked like they were struck by thunderbolts.

They couldn’t believe their eyes because… that figure… was actually… a human?

This figure wasn’t big or vicious-looking. Everyone was stunned since this figure looked like a human.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

This being was about 1.7 meters tall and female-like, and her figure was gorgeous. Also, no shortcomings could be spotted on her. Her green waterfall-like long hair was tied into French braids, lightly swaying behind her head. Her white skin looked like the most perfect jade, and her figure was alluring. Her delicate facial features and pitiable and lovable temperament made her look like the most beautiful fairy in faint-red tight-fitting armor.

All the bugs in the area stopped screaming, and they knelt before this woman as if they were seeing their lord.

A supreme-god-level bug that was hundreds of meters tall shivered before this woman, and she stepped onto its head and glanced around coldly.

This glance contained no shocking aura or energy, but the chilliness coming from this woman’s eyes could instantly freeze everyone. When this woman looked at the bugs and the masters from the Azeroth Continent, there was no difference as if these masters weren’t her enemies and these bugs weren’t her subjects.

This was the glance of a conqueror!

At this moment, all the united troops on the battleground in space were stunned.

Without question, this figure had a prestigious status among the bugs, and she might be their lord.

“But how come this figure looks like a human? A woman? What secret is hidden behind this?” people thought to themselves.

“Lowly… creatures… a bunch of disgusting ants…” This green-haired woman moved her lips, and a series of ancient and mysterious syllables clearly sounded by everyone’s ears.

This language was once spoken by the nobles in the God Clan and Demon Clan in ancient times.

Many generals and masters in the united troops had studied this language before, and they instantly understood the meaning behind it.

As soon as this woman finished speaking, a visible green airwave suddenly dashed out of her body.

Instantly, it seemed like a huge rock was thrown into a calm lake. Like the calm surface of a lake that got disturbed, many ripples appeared in the dark universe, and space started to soften under the force of the vibration.

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    Why do i feel there is much more higher releam like in wuxia novel in this universe?

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