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Hail the King Chapter 1254.2

Chapter 1254: The Appearance of the Lord of the Bugs (Part Two)

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When these ripples passed through the bugs, nothing happened.


However, a shrill scream soon sounded.

As soon as a ripple passed through the body of Emperor Guardiola of Barcelona, his body shattered like a damaged porcelain jar, and streaks of divinity and life essence leaked out of the crack and flew toward the woman who had green long hair.

As if she was having a meal, this woman inhaled and sucked all the divinity and life essence into her mouth. She looked intoxicated as if she had eaten the most delicious food in the world! It seemed like a junkie finally took her favorite drug.

Instantly, a human godly king turned into tens of millions of particles and forever disappeared from this world.

“Dodge that ripple…”

Guardiola’s last warning was still resonating in people’s ears.

At the same time, more screams sounded by people’s ears.

Some of the supreme masters of the united troops were still in the sky and couldn’t dodge in time. Their bodies were struck by the ripples and had the same fate as that of Guardiola; their bodies broke like beautiful porcelain jars with their godly essences flowing out.

“No! Dodge…”

“Don’t let those damn ripples touch you…”

“What is going on? What is this power?”

“Damn it. I can’t control myself. The ripples have a strange suction force…”

“Move away from her!”

All the supreme masters were alarmed, and they turned into streaks of light and tried to dodge these deadly ripples.

Unfortunately, these ripples spanned across this star system and engulfed most of the battleground in space. Although these ripples seemed slow, they were extremely fast. In just a second, they passed through everyone with a strange rhythm. A terrifying catastrophe struck all the masters who were on and above the True God Realm.

While roaring in anger, a giant golden dragon turned into dust.

On the other side, Unparalleled Master Houllier of Liverpool dashed toward this mysterious woman with green long hair. While struggling to stay alive, he wanted to self-detonate close to this woman and injure her. However, as soon as he got within 10,000 meters of this woman, all his life energy and soul energy were depleted, and he turned to dust and disappeared from this world.

Those weaker masters of the united troops were imprisoned and couldn’t move as they sensed their core energy slowly leaking out.

“Everyone! Come back!”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

An angry shout sounded from the battleground in space, and then a streak of mysterious force soared up from the continent, turning into many silver ripples and colliding toward the green ones.

It was Continental Martial Saint Maradona.

At the most dangerous moment, the master of the united troops whose power was second to Fei and came back to the battleground in space to rest finally woke up from his deep sleep. He released the most powerful energy ripples, and many streaks of laws of nature expanded outward in space with the battleground in space as the center, rivaling the murderous spirit of the green-haired woman.

After the green ripples passed by, the bodies of the supreme masters of the united troops finally stopped breaking down.

The two different ripples contained different laws of nature, and this was the most direct battle between the laws of destruction and the laws of creation. It seemed like a couple was fighting in space and wearing each other out. This was a bloodless yet intense battle; a single streak of the residual energy could destroy stars.

The members of the united troops heaved sighs of relief.

However, this situation only lasted less than ten minutes.

Suddenly, Maradona spat out a mouthful of blood, and his face turned pale.

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