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Hail the King Chapter 1255.1

Chapter 1255: The Queen of Blades? (Part One)

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Everyone was shocked by this.

“Is Maradona going to be defeated?”

Continental Martial Saint Maradona’s strength was extremely close to the Supreme God Realm, and his current strength almost reached mid-tier Supreme God Realm by utilizing the power of the magic arrays that were already set up on the continent.

With such strength, Maradona could be considered as one of the most powerful figures in the history of Azeroth, yet he got defeated in less than ten minutes.

The strength of the green-haired woman was too terrifying.

“Puff!” Maradona spat out a big mouthful of blood as if water was jetting out of a fountain.

In space, the silver ripples gradually dimmed down, yet the green ripples became stronger.

Such a turn of events placed the battleground in space on the brink of destruction.

The supreme masters of the united troops had already calmed down since their bodies stopped breaking due to Maradona’s appearance. But at this moment, their expressions turned ugly; they clearly sensed that the terrifying power of destruction became stronger in their bodies, and they could no longer suppress it. It seemed like their bodies and souls would be completely crushed in the next second.

The endless green ripples surged like ocean waves, and they quickly wore-out the silver ripples.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Maradona’s body started to be affected as well. Bloody cracks gradually appeared on his body, and blood vessels bulged and became visible from his skin, looking terrifying. It seemed like life energy was quickly escaping his body. His bright, black, and thick curly hair gradually dimmed and turned grey!

“Ant… die…”

Cold syllables flowed out of this green-haired woman’s mouth.

Like an aloof lord who was glancing down at all lowly creatures, this cold and cruel woman waved her hand and wanted to destroy everything.

With a cold grin on her face, this woman enjoyed seeing Maradona struggle as if a cat was toying with a mouse.

It appeared that this woman liked the process of crushing a supreme god.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

A ton of blood mist appeared around Maradona’s body as the bulging blood vessels exploded, turning him into a blood-man. Almost no intact skin could be seen on him, and he was covered in thick blood. Only his eyes that were black and white moved, showing that he was still alive.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

More than a dozen masters of the united troops couldn’t last, and they exploded and turned into masses of blood mist before falling and dying forever.

Every member of the united troops turned ashen-faced. Now that the situation had reached this point, it seemed like the war was going to end in the next second with a thought in this mysterious woman’s mind.

Compared to the members of the united troops, the bugs in the sky let out a series of spirit energy frequencies of cheer. Their bone spikes all pointed toward the sky, and they seemed to roar silently to add to their lord’s presence.

“What should we do? Mr. Continental Martial Saint can’t battle anymore!”

“This green-haired woman is too terrifying! Who is she? How come she is with the bugs?”

“Only Alexander His Majesty can block this demonic woman…”

“Golden Elf King Akinfeev His Majesty had killed his way through the bugs and went to deliver the news. I hope that Alexander His Majesty can make it back in time…”

“The bugs have surrounded the entire space! Did Akinfeev make it out here alive? He is still not back yet!”

“Is our Azeroth Continent destined to be wiped out?”

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