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Hail the King Chapter 1255.2

Chapter 1255: The Queen of Blades? (Part Two)

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Everyone was shocked, and they couldn’t do anything. Even the most intelligent generals on the continent such as [Demonic General] Mourinho and [Iron General] Capello couldn’t do anything at this moment due to the huge gap in strength. The human sea attack was weak and useless before such destructive strength, let alone the fact that there were more bugs.

“Let it end… ants…”

After torturing Maradona for a while, it seemed like this woman with long green hair lost interest. She suddenly unleashed her force, and the green ripples that were everywhere brightened, instantly shattering all silver ripples. The terrifying laws of destruction blinked and moved toward all the human masters.

Anyone who got touched by the green ripples would be instantly turned to dust.

All the masters of the united troops on the battleground in space closed their eyes in pain.

“Damn! A woman? Could it be the Queen of Blades of the bugs?”

At this moment, a clear voice sounded by everyone’s ears.

This voice was abrupt, but it sounded like heavenly music to the ears of every member of the united troops. All of them could tell who this voice belonged to.

It was the Lord of Azeroth, the unique Human Emperor Alexander!

The savior who everyone was waiting for finally appeared.

When the members of the united troops opened their eyes in excitement, they saw that familiar figure in the sky.

The blinking golden ripples replaced the silver ripples. Soon, the unparalleled power contained in the golden ripples expelled the destructive force that the green ripples left in these masters’ bodies, and those masters who were imprisoned in the sky finally got the chance to escape the danger zone and return to the battleground in space.

At this critical moment, Fei finally made it back.

With blinking golden light around him, Fei instantly turned the tables.

As soon as he came back, Fei’s eyes locked onto this woman who had long green hair.

He didn’t think that this human-like woman controlled the bugs. Also, he was sure that this green-haired woman wasn’t like Dicanio who hid his identity with a sheet of human skin; this woman was born like this.

“Could it be that just like the sci-fi movies on Earth, there is a similar figure to the Queen of Blades among the bugs?” Fei thought to himself.

“A stronger ant… damn it…”

This green-haired woman spoke the ancient language of Azeroth, making Fei wonder if this woman was related to the God Clan or Demon Clan.

“Could it be that this woman is the so-called [Mother Empress] who controls all the bugs?”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

In the next moment, Fei turned into a streak of golden light and dashed toward the green-haired woman without stopping. His presence was dominating and unstoppable.


While roaring, Fei punched out, and a terrifying energy beam penetrated the endless sea of bugs, wiping out countless bugs.

The golden energy beam smashed into the supreme-god-level giant bug under the green-haired woman, almost instantly destroying it.

It was a terrifying force!

As Fei shot toward the Queen of Blades, many high-level bugs roared and rushed toward Fei.

“Hahaha! Ugly bugs, you are the ants… die!” While laughing, Fei’s vast ocean-like laws of nature spread out, and no bug could get close to him.

Like a bolt of lightning, Fei instantly appeared before this green-haired woman, and [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] was already in his hands before everyone could react.

After it was activated, rings of blood-colored runes appeared around the giant war hammer, and it struck toward this mysterious woman like a world-ending godly weapon.

All the members of the united troops were stimulated by Fei’s unstoppable momentum.

The morale of the troops that was greatly suppressed instantly skyrocketed.

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  1. i_iGamer

    she cant die with just that cmon fei u know she is stupidly powerful enough, ya know u have to use the creation full set of items and at max strength to fight her otherwise u will probably fail on killing her but might actually injure k, unless… unless she isnt the mother emperor k

    thx for the chapter noodles, its sad to know that we are reaching the end of this beautiful novel, i rlly liked coming along with u guys in this path thx for all the work u guys made, and i just cant thank u guys enough for translating this work, thx for making everyone that readed this novel happy k i cant wait to see the last chapters of this novel

  2. alexanderkingofchambord

    how i wanted a continuation of this novel, like thx 2, but now telling the story of the next generation, his children and such
    thanks for the chapter

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    how many more is left ?

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