Chapter 1256: Reverse (Part One)

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“Set up the defense! Prepare for the battle on land! Masters of various races, retreat onto the battleground in space.”

Almost at the same time, the most intelligent commanders on the land made the same and the most correct decision. With the sudden appearance of the Human Emperor, the united troops believed that they were going to win in terms of high-level combat strength. The rest of them only needed to guard the battleground in space, and they could only maintain the victorious momentum by using all the setups that they prepared.

Now, Fei and this green-haired woman battled together.

The destructive hammer struck down, and the green-haired woman raised her arms instinctively to block.

A streak of green light flashed by, and a layer of green snake-skin-like scale armor appeared on this woman’s arm that was smooth and jade-like. Her slender hands also transformed into giant green bone claws that were five meters long with green flames burning around them.

Then, this green-haired female monster didn’t dodge! She was planning to grab Fei’s giant hammer with her bare hands.


As soon as the hammer and the claws collided, rings of blood-colored runes and green flames flew everywhere.

Fei felt his body shivering a little before he was knocked up into the air and sent flying.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

This was a little unbelievable!

It must be noted that Fei walked on the path of physical domination! He was the most familiar with his barbarian character who had shocking brute strength and had mastered close-ranged combat.

However, Fei got knocked away! The strength of this green-haired female monster was stunning!

The good thing was that the green-haired female monster also got knocked away in the next second, and she was in a worse condition. Her claws were smashed into pieces, and she fell off her mount and flew back like a baseball that was hit by a bat. She slammed into the endless sea of bugs and smashed many middle-level and high-level bugs to death.

Fei’s loud laughter resonated around the entire battleground in space.

The laughter that was filled with power injected immeasurable confidence into the united troops, and those soldiers and masters who grew fearful felt like flames were burning in their chests.

In the next moment, Fei who flew backward instantly dashed back into the battle.

However, his target this time wasn’t the green-haired female monster but her mount, the supreme-god-level snake-like bug.

Without a doubt, this snake-like bug that was equivalent to a level 4 supreme god couldn’t put up a fight and was instantly smashed into meat paste like an ant before a dragon.

Instant Kill!

A huge amount of pure godly essence was refined by Fei and flew into his grand godly realm like a long river.

Fei didn’t try to instantly kill the female monster.

After the initial test, he already knew that this woman who looked like the Queen of Blades had shocking power, and she wasn’t weaker than him. It would be hard for him to kill her in a short time.

Therefore, the key to turning the tables lay in the destruction of the supreme-god-level bugs that could bring catastrophes to the united troops.

Just as Fei expected, as soon as he killed the supreme-god-level snake-like bug, an angry roar sounded from the endless sea of bugs.

A streak of green light flashed before Fei like a bolt of lightning, and it was the green-haired female monster. Her giant claws already recovered, and they struck out towards Fei’s chest.

Fei held his giant hammer before his chest to block, and the claws struck it.

Then, a vast amount of power flowed through the hammer, and Fei was knocked back.

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