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Hail the King Chapter 1256.2

Chapter 1256: Reverse (Part Two)

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As if she was Fei’s shadow, the green-haired female monster followed Fei and attacked him without holding back. The claws that were comparable to god-tier weapons left many arcs in the air since they were too fast for others to see, and they breached the giant hammer’s defense and injured Fei’s body.

In just a few seconds, Fei was full of injuries as if he was a doll that got abused.

“Ant, die!” the cold syllables sounded.

The claws of this green-haired female monster penetrated the hammer shadows that were everywhere around Fei, striking into Fei’s chest.

Then, this woman tore Fei’s body into two pieces as if she was tearing a piece of cloth with her arms.

Everyone on the battleground in space was shocked.

“What is going on?”

“Human Emperor His Majesty… actually… died in battle?”

“How is this possible?”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, a series of explosions sounded in space.

Everyone looked up and saw the hundreds of wormholes in the area exploding like fireworks and firecrackers that were ignited. The chaotic spatial elements almost completely affected this star system. The destructive force exploded and dashed outward from the center of the bugs’ formations, and the bugs that weren’t expecting this got turned into nothingness as if a tsunami went through a group of sand sculptures.

Many golden ripples started to move around in this star system.

It was… Human Emperor Alexander’s presence!

The golden ripples instantly spanned across the star system, and the areas where the ripples traveled through seemed to be isolated from the universe.

An area of more than 100,000 cubic kilometers was sealed by a layer of golden wall of light.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

“Spatial barrier… this is the perfect spatial barrier. Alexander didn’t die! Haha! What a cunning figure. He used the spatial elements from the explosions of the wormholes to seal the area around the battleground in space.”

Continental Martial Saint Maradona who was slowly recovering from his injuries was the first to react, and joy was written all over his face.

“Warriors of the united troops, it is time to counterattack!” Fei’s voice resonated in space as that dashing figure reappeared above the battleground.

Bathing in golden light, it seemed like this man was the God of War who was reborn from the ashes.

At this moment, everyone realized that the Human Emperor who the green-haired female monster killed was only a phantom, and the real Human Emperor secretly destroyed all wormholes in the area and sealed this space after fooling the female monster.

The explosions of the wormholes almost killed more than half of the bugs.

Now, it seemed like Fei wanted to close the door and beat the enemies who were inside his turf. Currently, the united troops were stronger and had more soldiers compared to the remaining bugs inside the seal.

It was indeed the time for the counterattack.

Many masters of the united troops turned into streaks of light and dashed toward the bugs.

Many fist spiritual spatial seals that were hidden in space and weren’t activated were unleashed at this moment, and all the god-tier magic arrays that were engraved on the ground also released soaring energy flames, instantly melting many high-level bugs.

The Queen of Blades of the bugs was tied down by Fei.

Streaks of golden energy flames shot out of Fei’s body repeatedly, and these streaks of chain-like energy flames created a prison of light that was about one cubic kilometer, locking Fei and this green-haired female monster inside. This was a spatial imprisonment realm, freezing the energies of their battle so that others outside wouldn’t be affected.

Time quickly passed by.

Finally, when all the bugs inside this sealed space were killed, everyone turned their attention toward the duel inside the golden prison of light.

Fei had to admit that this Queen of Blades was tough, and she lasted a long time while facing Fei’s ferocious attacks. However, she was now in a weak state, and Fei was planning to capture her alive to figure out more secrets about the bugs.

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