Chapter 1257: Shocking Change (Part Two)

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“Then, this means… the seal that I placed millions of kilometers away is already opened? My doppelganger and those masters of the united troops died in battle already?” Fei was shocked by this incident, and he was also saddened by the passage of those brave masters.

These three saint items had the supreme quality and had their independent divinities. Only those who were accepted by them could use them, and others couldn’t use them at all. The only explanation for their return from the other star system was that the bugs had destroyed the seal that Fei placed down and killed his doppelganger and the masters of the united troops.

This was the worst news that Fei could get at this moment!

“What happened? How could such a thing take place so fast?” Fei thought to himself. The force that he left in that star system was powerful. Even if the attacks of the bugs increased by ten folds, the defense couldn’t be breached in such a short time.

Seeing Fei looking into afar as his face changed color, the intelligent commanders beside him all guessed what happened.

The star system where the bugs were planning to use as a leaping point got conquered, and it meant that the bugs obtained control over the area. They only needed to do one more teleportation through the wormholes, and they would directly descend on the Azeroth Continent, destroying the plan that the creatures on the Azeroth Continent created.

This was something that no one wanted to see.

“Imprison her temporarily, and I will go and lure the enemies according to our previous plan.” Fei instantly decided and placed several seals inside this green-haired woman, preventing her from escaping. Then, he turned into a streak of light and dashed toward the leaping-point star system that was conquered.

Although the current situation was terrible, there were still things that Fei could do.

Before this war started, the most intelligent beings on the Azeroth Continent created many battle plans for various situations, and this was one of the cases that they foresaw.

According to this contingency plan, Fei, the most powerful figure on the side of the Azeroth Continent, needed to kill many bugs and provoke them, luring them toward the battleground in space.

Of course, the execution of this plan wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

Everyone on the battleground in space became busy.

Those who survived thus far didn’t have time to take care of the corpses of the heroes who died in battle. Instead, mages summoned blazing flames and let the corpses of these heroes return to the stars’ embrace.

“Damn it. What is going on?”

Before Fei could reach the leaping-point star system, he encountered countless bugs that were charging toward the battleground in space at the half-way point.

It was clear that the bugs didn’t leap toward the Azeroth Continent as everyone had expected. Instead, they all moved toward the battleground in space.

The situation took another unexpected turn, but it was a piece of good news; it was something that the united troops from the Azeroth Continent wanted to see.

To make sure that all the bugs were charging toward the battleground in space, Fei went against the current of bugs and rushed to the leaping-point star system to see what was taking place.

The scene shocked him!

Tens of thousands of wormholes were teleporting bugs into this star system, but all of them rushed toward the battleground in space as soon as they arrived as if they lost their minds. These bugs didn’t even plan to first create the wormholes that would directly lead to the Azeroth Continent.

Currently, an enormous wormhole was quickly forming.

It was evident that a terrifying bug was trying to descend.

“What is happening? Why are all the bugs rushing toward the battleground in space?”

Fei discovered everything that was happening was beyond his imagination, and then a flash of lightning appeared in his mind. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

That green-haired woman slowly materialized in Fei’s mind, and he suddenly realized something. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Could it be that… the bugs are this crazy because that Queen of Blades got captured by me?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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