Chapter 1258: Undead Creatures (Part One)

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The bugs went completely crazy.

Like sea waves, they surged toward the battleground in space and didn’t even attack Fei who was their mortal enemy. The two parties flew in different directions, and they were less than 100 meters apart, yet no battle occurred.

Fei stayed in the leaping-point star system and carefully observed the bugs’ movements.

Now, Fei was sure that the green-haired woman wasn’t the legendary [Mother Empress], but her status wasn’t low either. Otherwise, the bugs wouldn’t behave in such a crazy way.

Since Fei sealed the space around the battleground, the bugs couldn’t open one-way wormholes to teleport themselves there. They could only fly there by traveling across the two star systems.

For the Azeroth Continent, this was great news. A portion of the low-level bugs would get lost in space and die, and only those lucky low-level bugs and those that were attached to high-level bugs could make it to the final destination.

Of course, the middle-level and high-level bugs wouldn’t face such a fate.

Fei was happy to see the enemies suffer casualties before the start of a new battle.

The leaping-point star system was more than one million kilometers away from the star system where the battleground in space was, and it would take the bugs more than half a day to get there. By then, the united troops should be ready.

Fei locked his eyes onto the giant planet-like wormhole inside this star system.

Like dust rings around the giant stars, rings of light were radiating outward from this enormous wormhole.

At the same time, a streak of terrifying and violent chilly presence was also surging out. This was the scariest presence of a bug that Fei had sensed so far. It was filled with primal murderous spirit, and even a streak of it could instantly turn a godly king into dust.

Right now, more than 20 supreme-god-level bugs were carefully guarding the area around this enormous wormhole, preventing any accidents from happening.

It should be the [Mother Empress] that was trying to descend through this wormhole.

Fei suddenly got an idea and hid himself using the laws of space, carefully approaching this wormhole.

He couldn’t let the [Mother Empress] of the bugs descend. Worse comes to worst, even if he couldn’t stop it, he had to delay for some time.

Although [Scholarly General] Wenger’s proposal of prolonging the war was hard to realize, a part of his recommendation was aligned with Fei’s thoughts. The longer that the war lasted, especially the time spent in space, the better it was for the Azeroth Continent.

After refining and absorbing the core energy of several supreme-god-level bugs, Fei’s strength skyrocketed and reached peak Supreme God Realm. His understanding of the laws of space also reached the highest level, so it wasn’t hard for him to sneak past these 20-or-so low-tier and middle-tier supreme-god-level bugs.

Soon, Fei bypassed the area of defense that the bugs put up and got to the edge of the enormous wormhole.

This wormhole was way too big! Even the bugs that looked like small meteorites seemed like specks of dust on Earth when compared to it.

Streaks of unstable spatial elements came out of the wormhole, making Fei’s heart lurch a little.

“So powerful. Before it even appeared, such a presence is already being emitted… If it truly arrives, perhaps even I can’t stop it. Is this the power of the [Mother Empress] of the bugs?” Fei thought to himself in shock.

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