Chapter 1258: Undead Creatures (Part Two)

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Fortunately, the laws of nature were fair toward everyone. The more powerful an entity was, the more restrictions that the balancing force of the world would place on it when it wanted to travel through space and time.

It was evident that this supreme lord of the bugs hadn’t grasped the laws of space as perfectly as Fei, so it needed a ton of energy and time to create a wormhole that was big enough for it to travel through.

Fei didn’t instantly destroy this wormhole. Instead, he waited on the side patiently for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Time slowly passed.

The presence coming from the wormhole grew stronger and stronger. Even those more than 20 supreme-god-level bugs couldn’t handle the pressure coming from the [Mother Empress] and had to move away for more than 10,000 meters.

Suddenly, a streak of silver light dashed out of the enormous wormhole.

Then, it seemed like a section of a giant green bone claw appeared in the light like the tentacle of the God of Destruction.

Fei vaguely felt like this giant bone claw was quite similar.

However, there wasn’t enough time for him to think.

With a thought, 20 masses of blood-colored light flew out of Fei’s body, and he directly sent them into this enormous wormhole using a great technique that he comprehended after he mastered the laws of space.

Instantly, streaks of unparalleled devilish energy surged inside the wormhole, destabilizing the spatial elements that were calming down and making the spatial structure of this wormhole fragile.

A series of roars sounded.

Those more than 20 supreme-god-level bugs that were more than 10,000 meters away discovered Fei and rushed toward him.

“Hahaha!” Fei laughed and exploded this enormous wormhole using the power of the laws of space.

In the next moment, terrifying spatial elements became aggressive and sent energy waves across the star system. It felt like an ancient planet had collapsed, and the entire star system was affected. A few giant meteorites close by were turned into dust under such shock.

Hundreds of millions of low-level bugs were killed, and even those supreme-god-level bugs that were charging over were taken by surprise and got knocked away.

This was a catastrophe for the bugs.

This explosion also destroyed more than half of the tens of thousands of stabilized wormholes that were teleporting bugs.

Only those high-level bugs that were further away from this enormous wormhole survived, even though they were severely injured.

With his comprehension of the laws of space, Fei dodged all the energy waves as if he was surfing on an ocean, preventing all injuries.

In the next moment, Fei appeared before a supreme-god-level bug, and a streak of light flashed on the Scepter of Creation. The shocking energy shot out and penetrated this bug before refining the energy in its body and pulling it into Fei’s body.

Fei did this several times.

In a short moment, Fei had killed three supreme-god-level bugs while the chaos was happening.

Now, the other supreme-god-level bugs finally reacted, and they roared and carefully surrounded him. Since these bugs were intelligent, they were stunned by Fei’s strength, and they didn’t dare to fight him alone and formed a tactical team.

Fei laughed and chanted an incarnation.

The corpses of the three supreme-god-level bugs that were killed suddenly started to move. Red flames appeared in their dimmed eyes, and a grey metallic glare spread across their corpses. While their bones made squeaking noises, they charged toward their former peers like maniacs.

Undead magic!

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