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Hail the King Chapter 1259.2

Chapter 1259: Killing Demons (Part Two)

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Those reddish-black demonic mists came from those sealed eggs that Fei discovered in the sealed space under the Capital of the former Anji Empire. Long before this war, Fei had transferred these sealed eggs into his grand godly realm. When he exploded the enormous wormhole, he broke about 30 giant sealed eggs and sent them into the wormhole, wanting to see these terrifying demons fight the supreme lord of the bugs.

This was a part of Fei’s plan, and it was working out just as he had imagined.

The demons that had been sealed and the supreme lord of the bugs were all arrogant, and they instantly battled with little provocation required. One side had the pent-up rage that was accumulated through the years, and the other side wanted to reinforce the bugs that were at the battleground in space in a hurry.

After Fei used a few tricks, these two parties became furious and wouldn’t allow any disrespect, battling each other viciously.

While paying close attention to the battle that was happening inside the wormhole, Fei dashed around and slayed the supreme-god-level bugs and controlled their corpses with undead magic. Soon, all the supreme-god-level bugs were killed, and 20 intact undead bugs stood behind Fei in a tight formation.

Then, Fei stayed more than 1,000 meters away from the enormous wormhole and patiently observed the battle.

It was clear that after being sealed for thousands of years, these demons’ strength had dropped significantly. Even though there were about 30 of them, the enraged supreme lord of the bugs had the advantage, and it used a mysterious technique to kill more than 10 demons in a short time.

Then, the enormous wormhole that was about to collapse gradually started to stabilize under the suppression of the supreme lord of the bugs

“Such strength,” Fei thought to himself, “This supreme lord of the bugs’ strength is terrifying! It is much stronger than me!”

With another thought, about 30 more streaks of red light dashed out of Fei’s body and flew into the wormhole.

Another 30 seals were opened, and those demons were sent into the battleground inside the wormhole.

“Hahaha! We are free…”

“What is this? It dares to attack us?”

“Damn it. It is seeking death!”

These demons had been sealed for too long. As a result, their minds weren’t working properly. As soon as they got out of the sealed eggs, their first reaction was to attack the supreme lord of the bugs. Using the numbers advantage, the demons gradually reversed the momentum of the battle.

Using the laws of nature, Fei sealed the area around the wormhole and secretly messed with the spatial structures of this enormous wormhole.

Inside the wormhole, the two violent parties battled to the death.

The battle continued for about two hours. Gradually, the [Mother Empress] of the bugs somehow regained the advantage and even killed more than 40 demons. Only about ten demons were left, and they cursed in rage and tried to survive. These demons were originally unkillable existences, but the [Mother Empress] somehow slayed many of them.

Every time that the [Mother Empress] was about to obtain the victory, Fei would send more demons into the wormhole.

About four hours later, all the giant sealed eggs inside Fei’s grand godly realm were sent into the wormhole, getting killed by the supreme lord of the bugs. Only a few most powerful demons were still struggling and trying to survive!

Seeing this, Fei didn’t hesitate and unleashed the power of the laws of space, completely destroying the enormous wormhole.

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After a loud noise, this super wormhole finally collapsed and disappeared in this star system.

“It is surprising that I used the bugs to kill these sealed demons. This is good as well. One of the burdens on my mind is gone. Now that this enormous wormhole is destroyed, the bugs can’t easily create another one. It is time for me to go back to the battleground in space and figure out the identity of that green-haired female monster!”

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