Chapter 1260: Strangeness (Part One)

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When Fei returned to the battleground in space with the 20 undead bugs, the battle was still happening. After flying in space for a long while, the bugs finally arrived here.

Like hungry locusts that saw food, the bugs rushed toward the battleground in space and covered the sky.

The scene was tragic and cruel.

All the fist spiritual spatial seals that the various masters from the Azeroth Continent left in the area and various defense mechanisms that the united troops created were destroyed by the crazy bugs. Even though countless bugs were killed in the process, there were still more bugs, and these bugs landed on the battleground in space.

These plunderers already lost their composure.

Under the command of their lord, these bugs seemed to be able to tell where the green-haired female monster was captured, and they rushed toward the command center of the united troops like waves, launching suicidal attacks.

In the beginning, the united troop suffered many casualties.

However, the intelligent and experienced commanders of the united troops soon grasped the psychology of the bugs.

By using the green-haired female monster who was the perfect bait, the united troops switched the location of her imprisonment and pulled the bugs toward different places. In the process, several big ambushes were successful, and many bugs were killed.

However, there were just too many bugs! It felt like they could never all be killed.

The most surprising was that some giant bugs rooted themselves into the ground like seeds. Then, they created new bugs like reproduction machines. The reproduction speed was insane! New bugs were created every second! It felt like these bugs could use anything as their fuel.

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The gnome masters who were all about a meter tall held big iron energy cannons that were more than four times their size. Without needing to aim, they launched energy cannonballs into the bugs repeatedly.

This type of unimaginable alchemical products was best used in wars. Every time a cannonball flew out, thousands of bugs were turned into ashes. The cannonballs that those god-tier alchemist shot out could kill god-level bugs!

Beside the gnome legion, there were the god-tier archers of the Elf Clan.

Many arrows that contained ice energy flew out of the bows of the elf archers, dashing across the sky and nailing many bugs onto the ground.

The chilly energy in the air and the ice on the ground greatly reduced the movement speed of the bugs, and they were almost like stationary targets. Before they could use their terrifying offensive abilities, the gnomes and elves already killed them.

At the same time, the dwarfs started a tough battle underground.

Some of the bugs were great at digging caves and traveling underground. The dwarfs’ mission was to protect the ground, preventing the bugs from raiding the united troops from underneath.

In dark caves where no one could see, the dwarfs battled the bugs ferociously.

The powerful golden dwarf king warriors swung their war hammers and axes, taking the lives of these bugs. A series of lightning bolts, ice bolts, and shockwaves appeared underground. Many tunnels and caves collapsed, and large pieces of land sunk, burying many creatures.

In the sky, dragons that were known for their powerful physical strength and top-tier bloodline worked with human masters, attacking the high-level bugs.

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