Chapter 1260: Strangeness (Part Two)

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The battle at this place was the cruelest; even the space itself was about to be shattered.

The terrifying energy waves blocked the sky, and the various elemental energy surges became violent. Anyone below the peak Burning Sun Realm couldn’t participate in this battle. If they flew more than 100 meters off the ground, they would be torn into pieces by the residual energy.

Thousands of high-tech spaceships that were modified from the corpses of the mothership of life of the bugs came from Earth and flew in the sky, getting prepared for battle.

These spaceships disguised as bugs and sneaked in among them before suddenly attacking.


An eye-piercing sphere of light exploded in space, and the terrifying mushroom cloud expanded in all directions.

The nuclear bombs which were the most advanced weapons from Earth were used recklessly in space.

The terrifying radiation waves and energy surges turned numerous bugs into their most primal elements. Even the god-level bugs were permanently injured and sometimes died when the power of the nuclear bombs struck them.

The most primal and terrifying attacks of the bugs, which were the spirit energy frequencies, were countered by the mages of the united troops.

In this tragic battle, the united troops didn’t hide anything.

All the fruits of research from the Mad Scientists Laboratory were put into use in battle.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

A ton of the powder made from the mystical white rocks was spread in space, and the weapons made from such minerals caused lethal damage to the bugs that were masters at controlling others with spirit energy.

The united troops were more prepared, and their morale was higher. As a result, their combat style was more goal-oriented and more flexible.

However, the bugs had countless soldiers, absolute fearlessness, and coldness toward everyone including themselves.

The intensity of the battle in the area skyrocketed.

At this moment, Fei finally came back.

Under Fei’s command, the 20 supreme-god-level undead bugs joined the battle and broke the delicate equilibrium that was created. The momentum of the war was completely changed.

The most terrifying ability of the undead magic was that it could spread like a plague.

Now that Fei, an entity who was close to the level of the God of Creation, was the one who cast undead magic, more and more bugs became undead bugs, turning their sharp bone spikes and teeth toward their former peers.

Soon, hundreds of millions of bugs were turned into undead bugs.

However, Fei maintained control and didn’t let the growth of the number of undead bugs get out of hand.

After all, undead magic was a dangerous form of magic. Once it spread at will and created too many undead bugs, even Fei who was insanely powerful might not be able to control every one of them. If these undead battle tools got out of control, they might attack and harm the united troops.

This battle lasted three days, and the united troops claimed victory in the end.

Although the united troops were victorious in this battle, they suffered many casualties. At least 30 percent of the soldiers and masters bled and died on this land, turning into stardust and only living on in the memories of their loved ones and comrades.

Looking at the corpses on the ground, Fei couldn’t help but feel sad.

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