Chapter 1260: Strangeness (Part Three)

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“Among these heroes who had died, how many of them were husbands, fathers, and sons to those on the Azeroth Continent? The history of the continent will forever remember them. Of course, only if the continent still exists after this war.”

Although this battle was over, the united troops didn’t dare to slack off. They quickly tallied up the casualties and started to fix the defensive structures and prepare again.

Everyone knew that the war wasn’t over. Although they had killed many bugs this time, the legendary [Mother Empress] wasn’t here. Once this supreme lord of the bugs came, many more bugs would descend with it.

The ending of the war was still far away, yet the bugs were becoming crazier and crazier.

“Hey, Alexander, you will never guess what we discovered on this woman.” Inside the Mad Scientists Laboratory, Cain said to Fei with an excited smile.

The green-haired female monster was now a research project. The scientists from Earth and the mages from the Azeroth Continent were all interested in this woman who had the appearance of a human yet the physique of a bug. They had done many experiments already.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

“What did you discover?” Fei asked curiously.

“You could never think of it! This woman is a little younger than 1,200 years old. According to the theory on Earth about gen… ah, yeah, genetics, she is identical to the members of the ancient God Clan who were destroyed…” Cain said with excitement, “Identical! Ah! Do you know what it means?”

“What does it mean?”

Akara cast a contemptuous glance at Fei and said, “Dumb! It means that this woman is related to the ancient God Clan.”

Fei got a little speechless. After a pause, he replied, “I know that. What does it mean?”

“You battled with her earlier, so you should be able to tell that she has the energy of the bugs inside her, yet she should be a descendant of the ancient gods… eh, we also ran some tests and figured out that she is about 1,200 years old. It means that when the Azeroth Continent battled with the Polluters last time, she was still a child. Perhaps she was taken away by the bugs at that time…” Cain said while swaying his arms and legs, looking as if he was dancing.

Akara added, “The issue is that the bugs had killed countless gods and demons, trying to wipe out these two races. Why did they take away an immature girl from the God Clan? Instead of killing her, they turned her into this form. Also, when you captured this woman, the bugs grew anxious and became even crazier. It seems like they want to rescue her at all costs. Why are they so concerned about this woman? Don’t you find it strange?”

Cain picked up where Akara left off. “The problem lies here. This woman seems to be very important to that [Mother Empress] of the bugs. The [Mother Empress] was even willing to sacrifice billions of soldiers, hundreds of godly-king-level bugs, and dozens of supreme-god-level bugs. Why is this woman so important to the [Mother Empress]? Why?”

Now, Fei understood what these two mad scientists were trying to say. He asked, “Indeed. Making the [Mother Empress] this nervous… what are the secrets on this woman?”

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