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Hail the King Chapter 1265.1

Chapter 1265: Various Methods (Part One)

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“Foolish! The nobility and class in this world are born with. You are only an ant before me.” The jadeite-green man-faced strange bug let out a series of weird laughter, and he glanced around the battleground in space and said, “Besides, I have the power to wipe through the universe! My forces aren’t something that you can rival with. Today, all of you have to die!”

The members of the united troops felt anxious when the hundreds of supreme-god-level bugs glanced at them.

The [Human Emperor] could stop the [Mother Empress], but these masters couldn’t stop the hundreds of supreme-god-level bugs. Even the most powerful figure second to Human Emperor Alexander, Maradona, was only a low-tier supreme god, and only his godly soul remained. The latter could not fight right now.

[TL Note: It seems like the Author called Gao Shang the [Mother Empress] even though this figure is male since the bugs in most sci-fi movies and novels are led by queens, at least that was how they were translated into Chinese.]

The united troops were still in a desperate situation.

The only possible way for the united troops to win the war was that the Human Emperor had to defeat the [Mother Empress] in a short time and then turn around to deal with these supreme-god-level bugs.

However, this seemed unlikely.

From the quick exchange that these two supreme entities had, it seemed like they were evenly matched!

“Since you know that my name is Gao Shang, then you must be that [Son of Fate]. Gao De was no match for me before, but he left a plan and wanted to deal with me after he died. Ridiculous!” The [Mother Empress] sneered and said, “If that is the case, it means the few saint items that Gao De left behind are in your hands. Great! After I kill you, those will be mine! From then on, I can conquer the universe!”

Fei didn’t say anything, but the energy flames burned more aggressively around him.

In the next moment, the Throne of Creation appeared under Fei’s feet, the Scepter of Creation appeared in his hands, and the Armor of Creation appeared on his body.

Greed and jealousy flashed in the [Mother Empress]’s eyes, and he laughed in the next moment.

While the laughter resonated in the area, the hundreds of supreme-god-level bugs turned into streaks of light and surged toward the battleground in space.

Fei snorted with anger and cast hundreds of golden and silver sword energies of order as if a heavenly fairy was scattering flower petals into the world.

The dozens of supreme-god-level bugs that were charging in the front couldn’t dodge in time, and they were instantly engulfed by these golden and silver sword energies. Their bodies instantly disintegrated and turned into dust, and masses of pure energy floated out and merged into Fei’s body.

However, many streaks of green ghost flames appeared in the next moment and collided with the golden and silver sword energies, blocking Fei’s attack.

Then, the [Mother Empress] instantly appeared before Fei. The energy flames that burned around this supreme lord of the bugs looked crisp and translucent like the most perfect jadeite in the world, appearing beautiful and unparalleled. This bug’s bottom pair of legs directly kicked toward the Throne of Creation under Fei’s feet with an unrivaled presence as if this bug was the lord of the universe.

“Reckless!” Fei laughed, and the Throne of Creation emitted a streak of brilliant light, engulfing both Fei and the [Mother Empress].

On the space above the Throne of Creation, Fei was unrivaled. Since the [Mother Empress] was this reckless, Fei didn’t mind taking this figure into this unique space and ending the latter as soon as he could.

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  1. “Foolish! The nobility and class in this world are born with. You are only an ant before me.”
    The middle part of this sentence is missing something.

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    So…. Mother Empress is man?

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