Chapter 1266: The Mill of Life (Part One)

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Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions resonated in the sky above the battleground in space, and the aggressive backlash from the laws of nature that were protecting Sky City sent these supreme-god-level bugs flying as they spat out mouthfuls of green blood. These bugs couldn’t even break the defense of Sky City!

Sky City was one of the saint items of creation, and its power was fully replenished by the Worldstones that Fei collected in Diablo World.

Now, this city had returned to its prime, and supreme-god-level existences couldn’t break its defense.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Many light beams of various colors flew out of Sky City. Like arrows, these light beams pierced through these supreme-god-level bugs’ defense and left wounds on their bodies.

These supreme-god-level bugs seemed to be products of rapid growth that was achieved by devouring each other; their combat experience and the control of power were far inferior compared to those supreme gods who had entered this realm for a long time.

Under the repeated attacks of the united troops, some supreme-god-level bugs got killed.

However, even though these supreme-god-level bugs suffered so many casualties, there were still more than 100 of them.

After various colorful light beams appeared, these powerful bugs finally landed on the battleground in space.


“I sense the delicious blood!”

“Devour… become my nutrients!”

Various violent spirit energy frequencies spread on the continent, and these bugs turned into light beams and charged toward the united troops. The terrifying energy waves seemed like tsunamis, and they surged on the surface of the continent. Mountains collapsed, rivers dried-up, oceans evaporated, forests got destroyed, and the grassland turned scorched.


“Don’t make contact with them! Magic arrays! Activate the magic arrays!”

Facing such terrifying power, the united troops couldn’t help but get a little anxious. Casualties already started to appear at the front of the formations, and even the supreme masters could only last a few moments when fighting the supreme-god-level bugs.

“Is the big collapse about to come?”

Everyone turned their eyes toward the brilliant silver light in the sky.

Now, the only person who could save the united troops was the [Human Emperor].

However, the battle that was happening in the sky didn’t seem like it was going to end soon.

“Could it be that the destruction of the Azeroth Continent is set in fate?”

“Will a miracle happen?”

Seeing the meaningless death of hundreds of millions of soldiers in battle, many masters of the united troops ignited their energy flames and shot toward the supreme-god-level bugs like moths flying toward flames. They wanted to sacrifice themselves to temporarily stop the chaotic natural elements that were surging under the control of the supreme-god-level bugs. They wanted the ordinary soldiers to get a chance to survive and retreat from the frontline.

At this tragic moment, the heroism in everyone’s mind was stimulated, and many people acted selflessly.

No one retreated!

No one escaped!

No one got scared!

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