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Hail the King Chapter 1267.1

Chapter 1267: Ancient Ancestral Gods’ Appearance (Part One)

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“Kill!” Henderson, a cultivation star of the former Liverpool Empire, puked up a mouthful of blood while his body blinked.

Boom! This man ignited his flames of life and self-detonated while tightly holding onto a supreme-god-level bug.

Flesh and fragmented bones dashed in all directions.

That supreme-god-level bug was already severely injured, and half of its body turned into mush after this explosion.

Unfortunately, even a camel that died of hunger is bigger than a horse.

This supreme-god-level bug was far stronger than Henderson, and this explosion didn’t kill it. Instead, the viciousness of this bug was stimulated, and it rushed toward the united troops and burned its core energy, turning thousands of masters of the united troops into blood mist.

“Hahaha! Brother Henderson! I’m going to see you soon!” General Carragher, a famous general of the former Liverpool Empire, was also severely injured. He knew that he was going to die, so he ignited the last bit of strength in his body and rushed toward this supreme-god-level bug like a moth flying toward a fire.

At the same time, many top-tier masters of the united troops chose the tragic method of self-detonation.

Such tragic attacks finally worked.

The terrifying energy waves finally killed this supreme-god-level bug.

Such scenes were happening everywhere on the battleground in space. When the battle reached this degree, everyone’s life could end in an instant, regardless if they were ordinary soldiers or masters. However, it was also at that moment when their lives shone the most.

Every member of the united troops had their reasons for guarding this place. Behind them, it was the Azeroth Continent where their loved ones lived. Their sacrifices today could potentially lead to long-term peace on the land that their descendants called home.

At every second, many lives were turned into souls.

On the battleground in space, blood formed rivers, and white bones stacked into mountains.

The united troops’ fearlessness killed some supreme-god-level bugs, but they couldn’t turn the tables. After all, except for Fei, no other supreme gods had appeared on the Azeroth Continent for the last 1,000 years. A supreme god could dictate the entire continent, and this level of power was insane and approached true immortality. Such entities couldn’t be taken down by a large number of weaker enemies.

The good thing for the united troops was that the singing coming from the battleground in space got louder, clearer, and more majestic as if tens of thousands of large bells were sounding at the same time. The silver energy waves became stronger, turning the dark sky into white. The strength of the united troops that were engulfed by the light increased several times.

In the sky, the mass of silver light was still blinking like the sun.

The [Human Emperor] and the [Mother Empress] were battling non-stop, and it didn’t seem like it was going to end soon.

At the back of the united troops, more than ten intelligent commanders such as Mourinho stood on a hill quietly. As they saw the deaths of many heroes, their expressions turned even calmer and more valiant under the illumination of the silver light and the flames of war.

These commanders had all been through many battles, and they viewed the deaths of soldiers as something common. They had seen the deaths of tens of millions of soldiers, but this scene was still too tragic for them.

However, at this moment, their hearts couldn’t turn soft, and they couldn’t back down.

When meeting on a narrow path, only the more courageous warrior could win. They must persist.

As time passed by, these commanders’ eyes grew brighter and brighter, and they looked toward Sky City that was on this continent.

Finally, a mass of brilliant silver light was gathered above this giant city, and a streak of destructive silver energy that appeared once before suddenly shot out, flying across the sky and striking the location where more supreme-god-level bugs were at.

At this instant, more than ten supreme-god-level bugs were taken down! They got turned into ashes.

A large wave of cheers sounded from the united troops.

Even commanders like Mourinho couldn’t help but shout in excitement.

The united troops fought to the death and didn’t retreat because they were buying time for Sky City to gather energy and shoot out another destructive energy beam. Except for Human Emperor Alexander, only the destructive energy beam of Sky City could threaten the supreme-god-level bugs.

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