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Hail the King Chapter 1267.2

Chapter 1267: Ancient Ancestral Gods’ Appearance (Part Two)

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To kill more supreme-god-level bugs, the united troops’ formations all moved in one direction and attracted the most supreme-god-level bugs by sacrificing many soldiers and masters. This way, the destructive energy beam could kill the most supreme-god-level bugs.

After the second destructive energy beam, the number of supreme-god-level bugs finally dropped below 100.

The united troops’ morale skyrocketed, and they continued to counterattack.

The mill of life was turned on once again, and many beings were killed.

Time slowly passed, and the casualty count of the united troops grew larger and larger, soon passing 50 percent.

The supreme-god-level bugs got tricked by the united troops once, and they detected their enemies’ intention. When Sky City shot out the third destructive energy beam, only two supreme-god-level bugs were killed. The effectiveness of this method was dropping, and the charging period was still long. If this continued, the united troops would be wiped out before the destructive energy beams could kill all the supreme-god-level bugs.

The situation was turning worse for the united troops.

In the sky, Fei still couldn’t defeat the [Mother Empress] with the help of the Throne of Creation. Although these two figures could dictate the result of the war, they couldn’t finish their battle in a short time.

“If this continues…” Mourinho sighed.

There was a limit to how much that mortals could do.

Even the most intelligent being would run out of ideas at a certain point.

Commanders like Capello, Wenger, and Ferguson could no longer stay calm, and they appeared anxious.

“Now, we can only hope that Human Emperor His Majesty will finish the battle as soon as possible. Otherwise, if His Majesty has other plans…” Ferguson sighed.

Wenger shook his head and said, “Almost all the power of the Azeroth Continent is already used. The silver crystal battle soul warriors of the former Northern Region Empire are all destroyed. I can’t think of anything that can be used at this moment…”

Before Wenger could finish speaking, more than 30 light beams shot out of the battleground in space abruptly.

Many streaks of indescribably ancient godly power started to permeate the air at this moment.

“Slept for more than 1,000 years…”

“Is another battle here?”

“This is the moment for the final battle…”

“We finally get to battle alongside His Majesty again!”

Many ancient voices that were filled with vicissitude sounded from these light beams, and many vague shadows appeared alongside them. These shadows looked different, but they all had the terrifying presence that only ancient ancestral gods could have. Gradually, it seemed like this presence was suppressing the presence of the supreme-god-level bugs.

These shadows all seemed to have slept for countless years, and they were woken up by the holy spiritual battle songs. Then, their presence instantly rose, becoming stronger and more terrifying.

The countless people on the battleground in space were stunned by this scene.

“That is the ancestral god of our clan!” a master of the Gnome Clan shouted in surprise. He was shocked to find that one of the figures that appeared inside these more than 30 light beams was one of the ancient ancestral gods that created the Gnome Clan. The figure, presence, appearance, and weapon were all identical to the historical records.

“Grand Golden Ancestral Elf God!” the masters of the Elf Clan also gasped.

Among all these shadows, they saw the ancient ancestral god that created their clan. These existences were even more ancient than the God Clan and Demon Clan, and they only existed when the Azeroth Continent was first created. These figures only existed in legends of all these clans, and they were worshipped as ancestral gods. It was shocking for these races to find that their ancestral gods came to life!

Right now, almost every race found their ancestral gods among these shadows, and humans weren’t an exception.

“What is going on?”

“How come the ancestral gods of all races on the continent appeared here? Are they still alive? Or are these their souls?”

This sudden change stunned many people, and their minds couldn’t link the dots.

The mass of silver light in the sky finally exploded, and Fei and the [Mother Empress] showed themselves.

“I didn’t expect you to have this hidden card. Haha! This should be something that Gao De left, right? Humph! This group of followers who should have been buried in dust are all back?” [Mother Empress] Gao Shang laughed and said, “Alright. I will eliminate these ancient ants that shouldn’t appear today as well!”

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