Chapter 1268: Tragic End (Part One)

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“Gao Shang! In the battle tens of thousands of years ago, you ditched the human physique and decided to become a lowly bug to achieve immortality. What? You are still blinded by yourself?” The shadow of the Ancestral God of the Dragon Clan’s voice sounded like rumbling thunder, and a unique dragon presence slowly spread in space.

“Humph! You are only Gao De’s mount! What qualification do you have to speak to me?” the jadeite-green man-faced strange bug laughed.

“It seems like you are truly blind. After that battle, Holiness Gao De let you go since you are his little brother. It is a pity that after tens of thousands of years, your mind is still not changed. Fortunately, Holiness Gao De created plans. Everything will end here today!” the shadow of the Ancestral God of the Orc Tribe spoke. His voice was loud as well, and he looked like a giant behemoth that was covered in golden light.

“Hahaha! What era is this? You are only Gao De’s dog; how dare you shout at me?” the jadeite-green strange bug laughed mockingly, “Gao De is fake! He is a hypocrite. He didn’t want immortality, and he wanted me to die with him! Yuck! Now, he had been dead for many years, and you dogs are only broken souls. How can you battle me?”

“My lord was kind and didn’t want to devour other creatures’ souls to achieve immortality. He was willing to die and merge his body with the universe to protect all beings. However, on the other hand, you desired immortality and walked on an evil path.” The Ancestral God of the Elf Clan was a handsome golden elf who had 12 pairs of golden translucent wings, and he replied, “Although we are only broken souls, we can help the [Son of Fate] to end this conflict that spanned tens of thousands of years.”

“Haha! Great! I want to see that after tens of thousands of years, does this universe still favor Gao De? Can this hypocrite’s plan defeat me?” the jadeite-green man-faced strange bug laughed, and the terrifying green energy waves around him was surging like an endless ocean.

Suddenly, the laughter stopped, and only one word was said, “Die!”

Instantly, all the remaining supreme-god-level bugs turned into light beams and divided into two groups. One group flew toward the battleground in space, and the other group surrounded the shadows of the ancestral gods of the various clans.

The battle resumed after that short pause.

On the battleground in space, the morale of the united troops that were comprised of masters and soldiers of various races increased again. Especially the top-tier masters; their eyes teared up! These ancestral gods that these clans worshipped faithfully weren’t only entities that reached the god-level; they were also the spiritual pillars that united these clans.

The appearances of the ancestral gods provided these clans with endless power.


An energy beam shot out from Sky City, and two more supreme-god-level bugs were hit and instantly died.

Although the battle resumed, Fei and Gao Shang didn’t start fighting right away. These two remained still in the high sky.

After the close-range combat earlier, they realized that they were on the same level, and they couldn’t do much to each other. However, Fei was on the Throne of Creation, so he had the advantage of location. Therefore, it meant that the man-faced strange bug named Gao Shang was a bit stronger than Fei in reality.

As the most influential figures on their sides, Fei and Gao Shang chose to be cautious at this moment since they weren’t confident in winning. They carefully moved the power of the world that they could control and accumulated strength, preparing their most powerful strikes.

By doing this, they could also constraint their opponent.

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