Chapter 1268: Tragic End (Part Two)

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“Do you think that you can defeat me by relying on these 30-or-so broken souls from countless years ago?” the jadeite-green man-faced strange bug sneered.

Fei smiled and replied, “If I’m not wrong, the countless bugs under your command are gone, and only these less than 100 bugs are remaining, right? You were in a hurry, and you allowed the bugs to devour each other to forcefully evolve. Although you created hundreds of powerful entities in a short time, you sacrificed the entire race!”

“Huh, you are smart,” the jadeite-green man-faced strange bug sneered again, “What can you do now that you know this? Hundreds of supreme gods can easily conquer all the galaxies in the universe. If I want, I can quickly create hundreds of billions of subordinates. After I defeat you and conquer the Azeroth Continent, this universe will belong to the bugs! I will achieve true immortality as well!”

“No one can achieve immortality.” Fei shook his head and said, “That Gao Shang in the past had died, and you are only a monster who survived until now by relying on the devour ability of the bugs. It is a pity. Although Holiness Gao De had passed away, he would always be remembered. His legacy is spotless and brilliant like the stars. However, you lost your body, your friends, and your glory. You are living like a beast in this dark universe. Is this the immortality that you wanted?”

“You…” Gao Shang was finally enraged by Fei’s words, and he dashed toward Fei like a bolt of lightning.

The battle between these two resumed.


Three ancestral gods attacked at the same time and killed two supreme-god-level bugs before them.

At the same time, their bodies were torn into pieces by the bugs around them.

Fortunately, these ancestral gods were in their soul form, and they weren’t real beings. After their bodies shattered, the fragments quickly merged, and they continued to battle.

These souls of about 30 ancestral gods were fighting about 50 supreme-god-level bugs. Theoretically, these ancestral gods were all stronger than low-tier supreme gods, but they had died many years ago, and their souls were saved on this battleground in space by Gao De, the God of Creation, using a secret technique. Now that they appeared, their strength was drastically reduced. That was why these ancestral gods and the supreme-god-level bugs seemed evenly-matched.

Many secret techniques and skills that had been long-lost reappeared as these ancestral gods used them.

The energy from the battles created many spider-web-like black cracks in space; they quickly appeared and then disappeared.

As the battle continued, the shadows of the ancestral gods gradually dimmed. After all, they were only broken souls, and they couldn’t cultivate and absorb energy from their surroundings. They were using their strength that they saved from tens of thousands of years ago, and their strength reduced with each strike that they used. As the battle continued, their bodies dimmed, and their powers fell in levels.

The good news was that most of the 50-or-so supreme-god-level bugs were killed. Only about six bugs remained, and they were severely injured.

At the same time, the battle on the battleground in space was also coming to an end.

Out of about 30 supreme-god-level bugs, only ten remained.

The casualties of the united troops were severe.

Heroes such as Gerard, Owen, Palacio, Milito, Xavi, Guardiola, Ronaldo, Messi, Vidal, Van Persie, Johnson, Vlad, Vidic, and Ferdinand all died in battle.

These most talented warriors and mages that the Azeroth Continent had produced in the last 1,000 years all died in this tragic battle!

Even though these heroes died, they chose to self-detonate and died with the enemies.

Their bodies were turned into dust, and no corpses remained.

To protect their races and their loved ones, these heroes gave up everything that they had!

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