Chapter 1269: Black-Armor Battle Machines (Part One)

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Another destructive energy beam shot out of Sky City, and two more supreme-god-level bugs were eliminated.

Now, the battle had come to a tragic degree.

Among the intelligent commanders of the united troops, Commander Ferguson of the former Manchester United Empire risked his life to attract the attention of supreme-god-level bugs so that the destructive energy beams could kill more enemies. In the end, he was struck by one of the supreme-god-level bugs as the latter fought back fiercely before death, and this brave leader fell as well!

Except for Ferguson, others such as [Scholarly General] Wenger, [Iron General] Capello, and [Strange General] Benitez all died one after another.

The masters and priests of the Behemoth Orc Tribe, the god-tier alchemists of the Gnome Clan, the god-tier archers of the Elf Clan, the dwarf king warriors of the Dwarf Clan, and the five-clawed golden royal dragons of the Dragon Clan… countless masters of other races also died in this war.

This was undoubtedly a catastrophe for the Azeroth Continent.

Most of the geniuses, heroes, and masters that the Azeroth Continent raised over the last 1,000 years died on the battleground in space as if they were crops that were being harvested.

On top of the top-tier masters, all the silver crystal battle soul warriors were destroyed, including those in the mystical-gold-tier and the black-iron-tier. If it weren’t for these metal warriors that acted as the frontline of the united troops, the forces from the Azeroth Continent would have been defeated long ago.

The death toll of bottom-tier warriors was uncountable!

Regardless if it were priests and godly knights of the Holy Church or the rogue warriors from the continent, these people died in large groups. However, none of them backed down, and some of them still raised their weapons high as if they were battling when they died.

In the sky, the battle between Fei and Gao Shang was also cruel and tragic.

At this point, wounds appeared on them unavoidably.

Two bloody long wounds could be seen on Fei’s back and shoulder, and reddish-golden blood was flowing out like a fountain. These two wounds were left by Gao Shang’s sharp claws.

On the other hand, five fist-shaped dents could be seen on Gao Shang’s chest and abdomen. These dents seemed shocking on his bug body, and streaks of green blood were flowing out of his mouth.

Both Fei and Gao Shang perfectly controlled their strength, and no residual energy leaked out. Otherwise, all the creatures on the battleground in space would have died.

Time slowly passed by, and the battle was coming to an end.

On the battleground in space, the many holy spiritual battle songs continued to resonate as silver energy rushed out of the ground non-stop. These continuous battle songs empowered the united troops, allowing them to last this long in this disadvantageous situation.


Another destructive energy beam shot out of a godly palace on the central godly mountain in Sky City, shattering three supreme-god-level bugs.

At this moment, the number of supreme-god-level bugs finally dropped to a single-digit.

Since the battle had come to this degree, even the bugs that were fearless got a little scared. They stopped fighting and hesitated in the air. Then, they gradually started to retreat.

On the other side, the ancestral gods finally took out all their opponents.

After using so much energy, their souls were about to disappear in this world. They were so dim that they were almost invisible, and they could only be noticed by the faint-golden rings of light around them. Now, they almost had no combat strength left.

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