Chapter 1269: Black-Armor Battle Machines (Part Two)

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A large surge of energy waves appeared in space.

Fei and Gao Shang attacked each other, and they all fell back while staggering.

A giant wound that was about half a meter long appeared on Fei’s body as it went from his right shoulder to the left side of his abdomen. The mystical green energy blinked, and his body was being damaged at every second. Even with Fei’s current strength, he couldn’t get rid of this terrifying and corrosive power, and his blood shed in space.

Gao Shang wasn’t doing that much better. His bug body was turned into two by Fei’s punches, and a giant bloody hole could be seen in his waist. This hole went through his body, and others could see the internal organs wriggling. Fei’s golden energy flames invaded his body and continued to devour the energy in his body.

“Hahahaha! Is this the plan that hypocrite Gao De left? Hahaha! Is this the power of the so-called Son of Fate?” After glancing through the battleground in space and the area around him, Gao Shang laughed out loud, “I’m going to win! I’m about to win! Gao De, you merged with the universe to escape, right? The path that I chose is going to win! All the plans that you left are going to be crushed by me! I’m only about to use my hidden cards now!”

As soon as the strange bug said this, streaks of black energy flowed out of his body and dispersed in space. Then, the black energy divided itself into 11 masses of thick mist.

As these masses of black mist continued to transform, they turned into 11 figures that were covered in sets of black armor full of black bone spikes and wore black helmets that had masks blocking their faces. Only their blood-red eyes could be seen through the masks, and energy burned in these eyes as if they were flames.

These 11 figures were engulfed in intense death energy, and they held different weapons that were all vicious-looking and black, appearing indescribably evil.

These black-armor warriors all had immeasurable strength. It felt like they were stronger than supreme gods, and their energy surges were on the same level as that of Gao Shang. The evil presence spread around and covered the entire star system, and the black energy flames blocked out everything. All the stars disappeared in the universe, and it felt like endless darkness had arrived.

“What do you think? Do you find them familiar?” The jadeite-green man-faced strange bug named Gao Shang laughed, “How can you imagine my power? Son of Fate, you thought that you could use those existences sealed in those giant eggs to deplete my godly power, but you didn’t know that they used to be my subordinates, and they became my power!”

Fei frowned. He found these black-armor warriors’ presence familiar. Now hearing Gao Shang, Fei could finally confirm that these 11 black-armor warriors were turned from the demons and devils that he threw into the enormous wormhole.

Fei thought, “They used to be this jadeite-green man-faced strange bug’s subordinates? How come those demons didn’t recognize him when they were released from the seals? How come they attacked him aggressively? From the looks of it, although these 11 black-armor warriors are powerful, their eyes are dull, and only endless murderous spirit could be sensed. They have no intelligence. They are more like battle machines. Their consciousnesses were wiped out by Gao Shang. If they were his subordinates, why did he do this? What secrets are hidden behind this?”

However, it wasn’t the right time for Fei to think about these questions.

With the appearance of these 11 black-armor warriors, the scale of victory instantly tilted toward Gao Shang. The united troops and Fei had paid hefty prices to kill those supreme-god-level bugs. It seemed like they couldn’t do anything to these 11 terrifying battle machines.

On the battleground in space, the members of the united troops who survived until now fell into a state of despair.

“[No.1], kill those cowards that are escaping!”

With a command from Gao Shang, the red flames in a black-armor warrior’s eyes intensified, and it turned into a light beam.

With a few blinks in space, it turned the single-digit supreme-god-level bugs that were retreating into meat paste.

Such terrifying power!

These new enemies were too strong!

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