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Hail the King Chapter 1270.1

Chapter 1270: Ultimate Godly Warriors (Part One)

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The strength that these black-armor warriors showcased made many people feel desperate.

Even though they were severely injured, those supreme-god-level bugs were still terrifyingly powerful. However, in just a few flashes, [No.1] quickly killed about seven of them, turning them into pieces. Those powerful existences instantly disappeared in the world.

Now, the united troops were broken and incomplete.

Even with the help of the destructive energy beams that Sky City could shoot out from time to time, the united troops weren’t confident that they could kill the 11 black-armor warriors before them.

Now, all the hope lay in Fei.

Unfortunately, it seemed like Fei couldn’t change the situation too much!

“Haha! It seems like my path will be the main path of the world! Haha! Who can stop me now?” the jadeite-green bug laughed like a madman.

These 11 black-armor warriors were powerful enough to wipe out everything here.

Blazing golden light could be seen on Fei. He already completely broke down the foreign green energy, and his strength was slowly recovering. His wounds were gradually healing, and he tried his best to replenish his energy.

Jadeite-Green Strange Bug Gao Shang saw Fei’s actions and interpreted them as the latter’s final frugal struggle.

Therefore, Gao Shang couldn’t help but roar and laugh at the same time, “Hahahaha! Son of Fate? Is this Gao De’s hidden card? It ends here! Your good fortunate ends here! It is all going to end! How pitiful! You have the strength to rival me, but you can’t change the situation today. Hahaha! I will let you see everything with your own eyes! You will see the destruction of your race and the deaths of your friends and families! I will let you witness the end of the Azeroth Continent and the disappearance of everything that you want to protect…”

Intense hatred could be sensed from Gao Shang’s voice.

When a golden light flashed on Fei, all the injuries healed.

With his condition returning to its prime, Fei’s terrifying and tsunami-like energy was released. The blazing golden flames tore open the endless darkness, and a crack appeared in the sky. Streaks of starlight shined through the crack, looking mystical and miraculous, giving everyone a bit of confidence and comfort.

At that moment, Fei suddenly laughed, and he said something strange to many people.

“Why are there only 11 black-armor warriors? I’m afraid that they are short by one.”

Many people were confused and thought to themselves, “Short by one? What does it mean? Could it be that Human Emperor His Majesty thinks these 11 black-armor battle machines aren’t powerful enough to wipe out the united troops? If one more comes, the chance of us obtaining the victory will be reduced to zero?”

However, this strange thing that Fei said instantly stopped Gao Shang from laughing.

A trace of doubt appeared on Gao Shang’s man-face for the first time, and he replied, “What did you say? Could it be…”

“Hahaha!” Fei started laughing, “Gao Shang, tens of thousands of years ago, you couldn’t defeat Gao De His Holiness. Tens of thousands of years later, this conflict should end. There is a destiny for everything. Your black-armor warriors are powerful, but I have a way to deal with them…”

As soon as Fei said that, he chanted a series of mysterious holy spiritual battle songs, and it sounded like many giant bells were ringing at the same time.

This series of music contained an indescribable presence. Now that Fei empowered this music with his strength as a peak supreme god, it was much louder compared to the songs that were resonating on the battleground in space.

However, when the two types of songs merged, it seemed like they complemented each other and created a natural melody.

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