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Hail the King Chapter 1270.2

Chapter 1270: Ultimate Godly Warriors (Part Two)

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Then, this power surged into the sky and surrounded Sky City.

At the same time, those 30-or-so souls of the ancestral gods of the various clans that were about to disappear turned into brilliant light beams and shot toward Sky City as well.

“Our glory is finally here!”

“Our glory for Gao De His Holiness!”

“Fate! It is another cycle!”


“Our mission!”

“The end of one cycle! Descendants, please survive and live on with courage!”

“Generation after generation, you must protect Azeroth!”

“Ignite the light of life and battle alongside our master!”

The various voices were filled with different emotions. There was excitement, relief, blessing, and comfort. These voices resonated in the sky, and all the masters who survived until now heard them. It sounded like these souls of ancestral gods were saying farewells!

When the voices disappeared, these souls of ancestral gods dashed into the various places on the central godly mountain in Sky City.

As if these places on the central godly mountain were ignited by the last bit of power of these souls of ancestral gods, 11 brilliant and majestic golden light beams shot into the sky. Like many sharp golden swords, these light beams pierced through the black mist that the black-armor battle machines emitted and connected with the stars in the universe!

This was an indescribable and stunning scene.

The universe could be seen through the giant holes that the golden light beams tore, and these holes were each about a square kilometer in size. Brilliant stars could be seen blinking through these holes, and it felt like they came to life. These stars were much brighter compared to ordinary stars, forming various images through these 11 openings.

A giant ram…

A wild bull…

A beautiful girl…

An archer with a godly bow…

A water jar that was pouring out a chilly river…

A terrifying heavenly scorpion…

A pair of twins…

A roaring lion…

A giant and profound scale…

A sharp and saint-sword-like horned goat…

A pair of fish that were swimming…

As these images blinked, the universe even resonated with them. Streaks of ancient and profound starlight were cast from these mysterious images, and they corresponded with the golden light beams that were shooting out from the central godly mountain in Sky City.


In the end, these streaks of starlight landed on the 11 golden palaces around the central godly mountain.

Many streaks of powerful presence that were on par with that of the black-armor warriors surged in Sky City, and the golden flames seemed endless like an ocean, eternal like the universe, and ancient like a prehistoric era.

“Haha! Descend! Godly warriors!” Fei summoned with a stern expression.

In the next moment, warriors who were engulfed in endless golden flames walked out of Sky City one after another and instantly appeared behind Fei.

These warriors were wearing fancy and mystical golden armor, and they all looked like the God of War in legends. All their body parts were protected by the pieces of armor that were full of endless godly power, and their streamlined bodies were filled with unimaginable power.

Majestic and noble golden flames burned around them, and the golden energy permeated the space, melting away half of the black mist that engulfed the star system.

Now, half of the world was black, and the other half was golden.

Ultimate Gold Saints! These warriors finally appeared!

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