Chapter 1271: Lightning Speed Fist (Part One)

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The vast and endless tsunami-like golden energy flames got rid of half of the black mist in the sky, rivaling the presence of the black-armor warriors.

With golden flames around him, Fei stood on the majestic Throne of Creation, wore the Armor of Creation, and held the Scepter of Creation. While looking like the lord of all gods, Fei was flanked by 11 gold saints who were in fancy armor and blazing golden flames.

This scene almost made all the united troops on the battleground in space shout and cry.

“Just as we hoped, the Human Emperor still has hidden cards! Just as we thought, the Human Emperor has everything under control. Just as we expected, the Human Emperor will never let us down!”

Unstoppable cheers instantly sounded as if volcanos were erupting and thunderbolts were roaring. Some people even jumped up in excitement. [Demonic General] Mourinho who was always animated clenched his fists while jumping and shouting, and even the calm and collected Ancelotti jumped and hugged the people around him like crazy.

At this moment, 11 golden saints appeared. Without question, they turned the tables around, bringing back a sliver of hope for humans, the united troops, and the Azeroth Continent!

In legends, the Human Emperor who was formerly known as the King of Chambord had 12 golden saints under his command, and these warriors were nurtured by him since he started to show signs of rising. A number of these people had poor backgrounds and were unknown grass-roots warriors. These people were once the most powerful figures around the King of Chambord, and they even participated in the military competition of Zenit way back. However, at that time, these warriors weren’t that powerful, and they didn’t show shocking talents and potentials.

Even when Fei became famous and toured Azeroth as the Human Emperor of the North, the 12 gold saints under his command didn’t get recognized. Only Golden Lion Lampard got famous for defeating the silver-haired grey-eyed Legion Commander of the Godly Execution Knight Legion of the Holy Church.

In the last six months-or-so, the 12 gold saints rarely showed themselves. They didn’t participate in many battles, and they didn’t accomplish any shocking achievements. Therefore, many people ignored them. Even when the situation on the battleground in space reached an intense level, people rarely thought of these warriors.

But now, these warriors who were formerly known as the most powerful warriors under the command of the former King of Chambord, A.K.A the current Human Emperor, finally made this shocking appearance. They showed unparalleled power and presence, deserving the title as the most powerful warriors.

Hope reappeared on the Azeroth Continent!

“Godly warriors?” Gao Shang, the jadeite-green man-faced strange bug, became serious, and he said, “Is this also one of the methods that hypocrite Gao De left?”

With Gao Shang’s strength, he could easily tell that the strength of these 11 gold saints was terrifying; they were on par with his black-armor battle machines. Furthermore, these 11 gold saints kept their consciousnesses and had battle intelligence.

“Wahahaha! This is one of my methods!” Fei laughed.

At this moment, Fei finally had a sense of achievement. When he was still only the small King of Chambord, he created the role of 12 gold saints since he had the prankster mindset, and he nurtured these warriors with care. A big portion of the gold saints had been with him since they were weak star-level warriors, and these people had grown into such powerful figures. The sense of achievement that Fei felt wasn’t inferior to him reaching his current power level.

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