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Hail the King Chapter 1271.2

Chapter 1271: Lightning Speed Fist (Part Two)

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In the last while, the gold saints didn’t make many appearances since they were cultivating in Sky City. By using the boost that Sky City offered when others cultivated in it, the gold saints increased their strength rapidly. Then, by utilizing the magical power of [Give], one of Fei’s three miraculous skills, they relied on their unique constellation items and communicated with the stars, further tempering themselves. Lastly, the holy spiritual battle songs that were resonating on the battleground in space somehow allowed the gold saints to transcend and connect with their constellations, establishing the complete links.

“So, the holy spiritual battle songs aren’t just for increasing your strength and waking up those ghosts? It is also for these so-called godly warriors?” Gao Shang seemed thoughtful and said, “It seems like I have underestimated you!”

“Wahahaha! What do you think? Do you admit defeat?” Fei took the momentum and tried to stimulate this bug. “Look at my people. They are majestic, noble, and engulfed in golden light. They are clearly just and righteous figures. Then, look at your soldiers. They are dark, ugly, and distorted. They are clearly evil scumbags! Haha!”

What Fei said almost made the gold saints beside him fall from the sky.

On the battleground in space, the members of the united troops all laughed loudly. The intense atmosphere was instantly wiped out by the Human Emperor’s words.

Just as Fei expected, Gao Shang was enraged by what he said.

Fei’s guess wasn’t wrong. This being was related to Earth, and he could understand those common mockeries from Earth.

“Attack!” Gao Shang roared in anger.

Fei laughed and remembered a scene from the famous movie in China named A Chinese Odyssey. He snapped his fingers and said, “Let them attack!”

Instantly, light beams shot through the sky, and golden flames surged. Also, the black mist started to permeate, signaling the beginning of the battle.

As the 11 gold saints and the 11 black-armor battle machines battled, Fei and Gao Shang looked at each other from afar and kept each other in check.

Fei was extremely confident in the warriors that he raised, so he wasn’t planning to interfere with this battle.

Golden Lion Lampard was facing the black-armor warrior that Gao Shang called [No.1]. This figure used a pair of giant swords, and it was about 2.5 meters tall. Its entire body was pitch-black as if someone poured black ink on it, and the vicious black spikes on the black armor seemed to be able to devour all light. This black-armor warrior had a violent and ferocious presence, and the chilliness that it gave others told them that it was only a machine.

Except for the black color, only its eyes were red. There were no pupils, and the pure red eyes seemed unfocused. However, intense murderous spirit could be sensed.

“Kill!” a cold and hoarse voice sounded from [No.1]’s mouth.

Then, this figure turned into a mass of black energy and dashed forward.

Lampard stood still and only showed a smile on his face. When he slowly bent his elbow and brought his right fist to his waist, a golden light dot appeared on his fist as if it was the origin of godly light in the world.

As Lampard slowly punched out, tens of thousands of thin light beams shined out of the light dot.

“Lightning Speed Fist!” Lampard chanted the words that many people were familiar with.

In the next moment, countless golden light beams pierced the sky like many sharp swords.

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  1. Muttowsing Sanjay

    11 not 12? … which one is missing ?
    It’s been so long that they appeared, I don’t even remember their names

    • i_iGamer

      akinfeev is not fighting with the others bcz he is like the leader of the elves so he wanst on sky city training k

    • akinfeev is died when he went to space to bring back Alex . He stayed there holding bugs next to Alex doodlgang

  2. i_iGamer

    thx for the chapter noodles! without u guys i cant live happily like i am right now ;-; i am almost crying when i already know that this novel is reaching its end

    the same time i am sad, i am happy, it was a journey my friends, a journey that i will never forget, thx for everyone that is coming along with this novel, every single one of u guys are awsome ^^ i hope we can find something as good as this, and i hope u guys can be happy while reading others novels!

  3. CrownedTraitor

    It’s kinda weird they were silent, they should be called “The Silent 12 Saints when Fei Talks”

  4. Aknefeev . His dead

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    Yea were gonna need a support group. Anyone gonna create the reditt? Thanks fam!

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