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Hail the King Chapter 1272.1

Chapter 1272: Finale (Part One)

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The countless golden light beams dashed out of Golden Lion Lampard’s fist, and naked eyes couldn’t even tell the light beams apart.

As Lampard’s fist slowly moved forward, the endless golden light beams penetrated the void and engulfed [No.1].

Only those who were on Fei’s level could tell that each light beam contained unrivaled power.

Lampard’s punching speed reached the speed of light! Ordinary people couldn’t even see his fist!

[No.1] that was dashing forward got instantly entangled by the golden light. Masses of black mist flowed around him, and many light dots surrounded him before scattering as if they ran into an invisible shield.

[No.1]’s two swords danced around him like crazy, transforming into a sphere of black light.

As if he was a snail that fell into a swamp, [No.1] couldn’t move forward at all. Instead, the dense golden light beams were slowly pushing him back!

This was the most direct duel of strength.

In the next moment, Golden Lion Lampard roared and turned into a streak of light, flying toward [No.1].

“Gigantic Long Horn!” Drogba slightly bent his body, and the image of a mystical giant golden bull suddenly appeared behind him. It felt like the bull was cast from pure gold, and every part of its body was full of explosive power. The golden bull slightly lowered its head, and the pair of giant horns that seemed like the sickles of the Grim Reaper flashed with golden light. Then, with the four legs exerting force, this bull charged forward destructively.

Drogba’s opponent was [No.2].

In the next instant, these two figures smashed into each other.

“Saint Sword Excalibur!” White-haired Pierced stood tall with his elbows slightly bent, and an invisible sword slowly appeared and wrapped around his arms and legs, emitting a sharp and lethal presence. After casting his technique and pausing for a second, Pierce directly struck forward.

“Aurora Ice Coffin!”

“Aurora Execution!”

“Royal Devil Rose!”

“Man-Eating Rose!”

“Vampire Rose!”

“Crystal Wall!”

“Seal of the Will!”

“Starlight Extermination!”

“Another Dimension!”

“Milky Way Explosion!”

“Golden Triangular Dimension!”

“Heavenly Demon’s Treasure Wheel – Chimimōryō!”

[TL Note: Chimimōryō is a term, originated from China dating roughly 2,500 years in ancient chronicles, referring to monsters of the mountains and monsters of the rivers.]

“First Sense – Deprived!”

“Second Sense – Deprived!”

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    What the hell! This chap looks more like some antakshari ??. Thanks for chap.

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