Chapter 1271: Finale (Part Two)

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The battles between the most powerful warriors occurred at this moment!

Different from the battle method of ordinary masters, the gold saints that Fei created had ultimate techniques of their constellations. They had powerful offensive abilities and tough star saint sets for defense. By also linking with their constellations, the gold saints’ energies were endless, and they weren’t inferior compared to the black-armor warriors that were created from the ultimate evil energy.

Fei didn’t know if the saying that no technique could be used on the gold saints twice still held true on these gold saints, but he was confident in the abilities of these warriors that he nurtured.

At this critical moment, everyone wanted to end their battles as soon as they could.

Therefore, the gold saints instantly used their most powerful ultimate techniques.

With the existence of these ultimate techniques, these gold saints held the advantage when fighting with the black-armor warriors.

“I’m surprised that you could nurture such powerful warriors!” Gao Shang couldn’t help but comment. The power of the gold saints was beyond his estimates.

“This is fate. Long ago, the world had prepared the counter for the evil forces. Even the stars in the universe favor my gold saints. This battle is about to end.” With golden flames burning around him, Fei recovered to his prime.

“Hahaha! The world prepared the counter? No! It is a part of the plan that hypocrite Gao De prepared,” Gao Shang laughed, making his body shiver. Then, he added, “After he died and merged with the universe, his power mark and will also became a part of the universe. That is why your warriors could obtain the inheritance of the stars. Gold saints… do you think that I don’t know? They are only in the anime for kids. Without that hypocrite’s power mark and will, you think that you can nurture these warriors? Ridiculous!”

Fei shook his head and said, “Regardless of everything, this battle is in our fate. Gao De His Holiness didn’t want to devour others to achieve immortality, so he disintegrated his body, soul, and power to protect the universe. There is always a push and a pull, and it is set in fate. Your path isn’t permitted by this world, so it is destined to disappear!”

“My path is only reliant on me and not this world! Since I want immortality, this world needs to center around me. Every creature needs to shiver and submit to me,” Gao Shang laughed loudly.

Fei sighed and said, “Since this is the case, then let me end your ambition!”

“You?” Gao Shang laughed and replied, “Your strength can rival me, but you are nowhere close to killing me. Unless you become the God of Creation; a peak supreme god can’t do anything. Besides…” Gao Shang paused for a second and laughed again, “Besides, you saw that one of my godly demon warriors isn’t here. Guess where he is?”

This last black-armor warrior was Gao Shang’s real hidden card.

Unexpected for Gao Shang, Fei smiled and replied, “Since you know that anime on Earth for children, you should realize that there are 12 gold saints!”

Upon hearing this, Gao Shang’s face changed color.

In the next moment, a crack appeared in the void close to the battleground in space. Through this crack, the Azeroth Continent could be seen. A black figure dashed through the crack like a streak of smoke, and this figure got to Gao Shang and knelt on both knees while shivering.

“Lord… I… failed!”

The black figure’s voice sounded bitter as he knelt on the ground.

This figure was wearing a black cloak that covered his body, but it was ripped at many places. It was clear that an intense battle left these marks, and others could tell that the body hidden in the black cloak wasn’t made of flesh but pure bones. This figure had no flesh on him! He was only a skeleton!

“Fai… failed?” Gao Shang’s voice suddenly trembled at this moment.

As if his high expectation fell short, Gao Shang’s body even started to shake with his voice.

The black figure knelt before Gao Shang on all fours, and he didn’t dare to say anything more.

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