Chapter 1271: Finale (Part Three)

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Fei slightly frowned; he was quite familiar with this presence.

“This black figure… is the skeleton that came alive?” Fei thought to himself.

It was the skeleton that was nailed to the ground beside the Mythical Altar by the broken Scepter of Creation inside the belly of the central godly mountain in Sky City.

When Fei first entered Sky City and found the Mythical Altar, he wanted to purify the Worldstone and rescue Angela and Elena who had both fainted. He didn’t know about the terrifying abilities of Sky City and the origin of the Mythical Altar. After Fei removed the half of the Scepter of Creation that nailed this skeleton to the ground, he soon found that the skeleton which should have died many years ago disappeared.

Then, this skeleton secretly fought with Fei many times, but this cunning figure escaped every time after being defeated.

In fact, this skeleton even supported the new Emperor of Anji and secretly controlled the Undead Creature Catastrophe inside the territory of the former Anji Empire.

This skeleton was indeed another spy that was placed on the Azeroth Continent besides Dicanio. However, this skeleton’s status was higher than that of Dicanio; he had a human body. Even though there was no flesh, the human skeleton meant that he had followed Gao Shang longer than Dicanio.

From the information that Fei learned, Gao Shang wasn’t a bug but a human. In the ancient time, he had a major disagreement in paths of cultivation with Gao De, the God of Creation. He chose to degenerate, merge with the genetics of bugs, and become the [Mother Empress] of the bugs.

Perhaps this skeleton had followed Gao Shang before he became a bug.

“Zhang Hui, how long have you been with me?” Gao Shang’s voice gradually calmed down.

“Ever since my lord returned from Earth for the last time after signing the covenant with Gao De His… Holiness, I’ve been following you,” the skeleton replied respectfully.

“Yeah, tens of thousands of years had passed. When I broke away from him, you are the only person who truly followed me among all those on my side. You aren’t envious of my power, and you didn’t do it to get stronger. I haven’t forgotten you all these years!” Gao Shang’s voice showed traces of emotions.

“My lord, you gave me a second life. You also protected my family. I’m always your most loyal dog.” The skeleton’s voice trembled a little, and he said in pain, “I thought I would succeed since the elites of the Azeroth Continent all came here. When I received your order, I merged with those few who escaped from the giant sealed eggs and went to the Northern Region. At that moment, a godly power descended from the sky, and everything was within the plan. [Daughter of Fate]’s soul and power did get completed, but Human Emperor Alexander left a hidden card behind. I met Gold Saint Oleg of Cancer, one of the 12 gold saints, Undead Supreme God Hazel Bank of the Dark Palace, and Ancient Undead Dragon Arthur. They are all kryptonite to my power. I battled to the death but couldn’t win. I’m now only a broken soul, and I’m here to see you. I failed the mission and deserve to die. Lord, please punish me.” In the end, Zhang Hui’s body shivered.

Many red flames dropped out of his eye sockets, appearing like blood tears. It was evident that he was greatly disappointed in himself.

Standing on the side, Fei also got a little emotional.

This skeleton named Zhang Hui had a story of his own. He was loyal; he was working for Gao Shang even when he became a skeleton.

Perhaps he found Sky City and wanted to take those saint items for Gao Shang, but the Scepter of Creation suddenly attacked and nailed him to the ground beside the altar.

Since Zhang Hui followed Gao Shang beginning from the ancient time, his strength couldn’t be ignored. When fighting back, he broke the Scepter of Creation that was ownerless into two. However, he was still nailed to the ground, and he was tortured beside the Mythical Altar day and night, resulting in the great reduction of his strength. That was why this skeleton instantly escaped when he was released and didn’t kill Fei who was extremely weak. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be Human Emperor Alexander who commanded the Azeroth Continent.

Now, Zhang Hui only had one breath left, and he struggled and came here to see Gao Shang for the last time. Although he was a skeleton, he still dropped blood tears of soul, showing pure emotions. It was a pitiful scene.


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