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Hail the King Chapter 1272.4

Chapter 1271: Finale (Part Four)

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At this moment, a loud noise sounded, and another crack appeared in the void above the battleground in space.

A golden fat figure shot out of the crack first; it was Gold Saint Oleg of Cancer. This warden who was cunning and afraid of death had transcended. His giant body had an indescribably tough presence, looking like a huge beast that charged out of an abyss in the primeval time. His presence alone could make others shiver.

Oleg was once a weak warrior, but he was now a godly warrior.

It was evident that he just went through a tough battle. He was covered in blood, and even his golden armor dimmed and had cracks in it. However, his presence was still fierce, and he was battle-hungry.

Behind Oleg, a series of dragon roars resonated in the area.

A giant undead bone dragon expanded its bone wings that had a wingspan of several kilometers, and its bones had been tempered to the rare silver color. Although it was an undead creature, it had a trace of holy presence.

A black-robed man stood on the back of the bone dragon with a massive sickle.

They were Hazel Bank who had become an undead supreme god and Undead Bone Dragon Arthur.

There were marks of battle on these two as well.

The appearance of these three figures instantly changed the number of supreme-god-level entities on the side of Azeroth, and the scale of victory was tilting toward them.

“Your Majesty! Us three completed the mission that you gave us!” Oleg, Hazel Bank, and Arthur all single-knelt before Fei and reported respectfully.

“Eh.” Fei nodded and looked at the battles that were still happening around him. He said, “Go together and finish the battles!”

“As you wish!”

These three had been nurtured and trained by Fei recently, and they were empowered by the holy spiritual battle songs. Now, they were all supreme gods, and they separated and quickly joined the battles between the gold saints and the black-armor warriors.

The addition of new forces instantly sped up the progress of these battles.


Soon, a black-armored battle machine was struck and got turned into many black fragments and mist.

“My lord, we can’t turn the situation around. I will cut them off, and you can escape! By reserving your strength now, you can have the opportunity for revenge!” Zhang Hui got anxious when he saw this scene.

“Go? Go where?” Gao Shang sighed.

Looking at this loyal subordinate who was the only one that kept his consciousness, Gao Shang suddenly reached out his bug hand and slowly pressed it on Zhang Hui’s head. He said lightly, “Zhang Hui, I remember that you always wanted to go and see your loved ones. Tens of thousands of years had passed. Today, let me grant your wish.”

As soon as Gao Shang said that, his bug hand suddenly reached into the skeleton and sucked all the remaining power away, leaving behind only Zhang Hui’s true soul. This soul floated out of the skeleton and turned into a short and thin young man. This man’s skin was fair, and he looked like a high-schooler.

“My lord…” Zhang Hui instantly understood Gao Shang’s intention, and he cried, “I can’t accompany you on expeditions anymore…”

Instead of looking at Zhang Hui, Gao Shang turned to Fei with a sense of pleading.

Fei thought of something and slightly nodded.

Gao Shang exhaled deeply and drew an arc in space with his sharp claws. A spatial crack appeared, and a blue planet could be vaguely seen on the other side.

“Go.” Gao Shang waved his arm and sent Zhang Hui’s true soul into the crack. The soul turned into a streak of light and dashed into the blue planet.

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    wow she is quite… human… we thought that she was just inhumane and cruel but it endup that she rlly has feelings, well thats quite sad, atleast that guy could return to his family once again k, gao shang already know that she will die so she atleast wanted fei to let that guy meet his family

    thx for the chapter noodles!

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