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Hail the King Chapter 1273.1

Chapter 1273: Finale (2) (Part One)

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Seeing this, Fei was moved and finally confirmed Gao Shang’s identity. This man was definitely from Earth.

That skeleton named Zhang Hui was from Earth as well, and he was following Gao Shang devotedly for some reason. Now that he battled with Hazel Bank and others and got severely injured, he used the last bit of his power to tear open space and return to Gao Shang’s side just to see his lord for the last time.

The cold and merciless Gao Shang also showed his emotional side, granting the last wish of his most loyal follower.

By sucking away all of Zhang Hui’s power, Gao Shang showed Fei that he wasn’t trying to create a trap or anything by sending Zhang Hui away, and he also didn’t try to save his subordinate. He only wanted Zhang Hui to return to the dimension where Earth was and see his loved ones for the last time. Perhaps Zhang Hui’s loved ones were still alive there.

With Zhang Hui’s fragile soul power, he could last about one hour before completely disappearing in this world at most.

This was the ending of such a big figure.

Gao Shang finally met his most loyal subordinate after tens of thousands of years, yet the latter almost died in front of him.


Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

At this moment, a series of explosions sounded in space. More and more black-armor warriors were defeated by the gold saints, and their shattered bodies transformed into black fragments and mist, floating in space.

The jadeite-green strange bug named Gao Shang raised his head and howled in sadness.

His plan failed, and everything was about to come to an end.

However, the intense unwillingness surged in Gao Shang’s mind like a tsunami that was about to devour the world.

“AHAAAAA! My path!” Gao Shang roared, and his six pairs of giant feet clawed at the space around him. Instantly, all the black fragments and mist that the black-armor warriors left were sucked into his six pairs of giant green feet as if a whale was inhaling water.

“My path won’t be defeated! My fate is in my hand! Heaven can’t dictate my path! Let the universe and all creatures die with me!” Gao Shang howled like a maniac.

The blackness spread in his body at a visible speed, and his green scales and body instantly turned dark-green.

With a vicious expression, layers of dark-green scales flashed on his face. His fair skin turned dark-green, and his eyes turned from black to green. The last bit of humanity on him had disappeared.

For the last tens of thousands of years, only Gao Shang’s face still looked like that of a human.

Perhaps his face was the last mark that his soul had on his body, and it was the bottom line that he didn’t want to cross.

Perhaps Gao Shang fantasied about achieving true immorality and recovering his human body.

Perhaps it was the deepest desire in his soul.

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  1. IMMORAL!! Simply too wicked! This Lord Third will definitely convert you, you sinister bug!

  2. Funnyman

    ? see his loved ones? after 10000 years? also wasnt mankind nearly wiped out a while ago? and now he wants to destroy the universe before his minion can enjoy his hour? sry but its getting stupid 😀

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