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Hail the King Chapter 1273.2

Chapter 1273: Finale (3) (Part Two)

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At this moment, he gave up on the last bit of persistence that he had!

After absorbing all the black mist and black fragments, Gao Shang was the combination of his own strength and the core energy from the 11 black-armor warriors and Zhang Hui.

Gao Shang’s presence skyrocketed, and it grew stronger and more unbelievable. His body that wasn’t massive started to expand and grow.

100 meters…

300 meters…

500 meters…

1,000 meters…

Like a green centipede that was growing without a limit, Gao Shang’s body expanded unimaginably and soon reached the size of a meteorite. Even though he could already block a section of the universe, he was still getting bigger without a sign of stopping.

A terrifying presence was released from his enormous body, and his power level climbed as well.

Peak Supreme God…

Perfect Supreme God…

Demi-God of Creation…

Although the terrifying presence didn’t explode, the residual energy already created many star storms. Similar to regular tornadoes, these storms formed heavenly-pillar-like beams and spun around Gao Shang’s giant body.

This was truly terrifying. It seemed like this universe couldn’t contain this unbelievable power. The star storms shatter the space, and giant streaks of black foreign elements flowed in the area. The spatial barriers were smashed apart like mirrors, and they quickly recovered under the great power of the laws of nature! This process went on many times!

Even with their current strength, the 12 gold saints were nothing before such star storms. They were blown away by the star storms and landed on the battleground in space.

To protect this continent, the 12 gold saints, Lord of Dark Palace Hazel Bank, and Undead Bone Dragon Arthur all released their energy and shielded the battleground in space.

On the other hand, Fei stood in space, and a golden sphere of light that was about 100 meters in diameter broke the star storms that came at him. He was barely able to stand still; he couldn’t move forward at all.

“Gao Shang is going crazy…” Fei was shocked.

In the end, Gao Shang chose to devour everything like a maniac! He gave up his human face and breached his own bottom line. This action also meant that he gave up on his own life and ditched the path that he persisted on.

By forcefully burning his own core energy and soul energy as a peak supreme god, he could reach the Realm of the God of Creation and stay there for a short time. However, after the explosive force decayed, he would fall, and his soul and power would disappear in this world!

This method was similar to self-detonation. It was equivalent to seeking death.

However, this was deadly for Fei and the Azeroth Continent. Before Gao Shang would completely disappear, he was equivalent to the God of Creation. This was an unrivaled power level, and Gao Shang could defeat Fei and crush the Azeroth Continent in a short time!

Gao Shang’s body was still expanding without a limit.

Clearly, he couldn’t control his own power, and the massive energy forced his body to crack. As many cracks appeared on his giant centipede body, streaks of terrifying power leaked out.

This was the consequence of forcefully obtaining the god-of-creation-level power without the matching soul power and spirit energy.

Gao Shang’s body was filling the entire space. When the soldiers and masters on the battleground in space looked up, they could only see a part of Gao Shang and not his whole body. The battleground in space was already giant, far bigger than an ordinary planet, but it was still smaller than Gao Shang’s current body.

It was terrifying!

The appearance of this giant being altered many star systems within many lightyears. The change of gravitational force twisted almost everything in the region, and chaos struck! It felt like the entire universe was about to be destroyed.

“This is terrifying! What should I do?” There seemed to be only one path in front of Fei, and it was the same thing that Gao Shang was doing.

He had to burn his core energy and soul energy and reach the Realm of the God of Creation in a short time, dying with Gao Shang. This seemed to be the only way to save the Azeroth Continent and all his loved ones.

However, Fei felt like he wasn’t someone who would sacrifice his life for others.

While Fei hesitated for a second, a world-breaking noise sounded.

Gao Shang who had expanded to the maximum reached out one of his feet, and the claws struck toward Fei with destructive energy.

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    thx for the chapter and a true way to die, he choose to kill himself instead of being killed

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  3. Looks like we’re going to get a poor ending to the novel, nearly 1300 chapters of this only to get maybe half a chapter of epilogue payoff, I despise novels that do this.

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