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Hail the King Chapter 1274.2

Chapter 1274: Finale (3) (Part Two)

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This was an important force that could sway the war.

More importantly, these people were all former Zenitians, making them the closest group of people to Fei. With hot tears in their eyes, they all wanted to unleash their life energy and soul energy to help the man who was burning with golden flames around him like a star, but they couldn’t do it!

“Could it be that this man was born to save Azeroth?”

“Could it be that this man’s life, that is a short yet brilliant legend, is about to end here?”

“This is such a cruel joke that Azeroth and fate made! This immortal-like ruler gave new hope to the civilizations on the Azeroth Continent, yet his journey is going to end here like this?” Many people couldn’t hold back and shouted.

It seemed like the prayers of countless beings touched Heaven.

Just as Fei felt like his core energy was about to be depleted, many waves of silver light suddenly fell from the sky as if a heavenly maiden was tossing flower petals in the air. Then, a series of transparent ripples appeared in the void, and a peaceful and noble presence instantly wiped out the violent and murderous presence.

A beautiful figure in white walked over in space and suddenly appeared before everyone.

This was a gorgeous woman in a white palace dress, and her long black hair reached her waist. Her jade-like skin emitted an unreal glamor, and it seemed like she was a fairy.

“Queen Angela! It is Her Highness!” The gold saints instantly recognized her.

She was Human Emperor Alexander’s wife, Angela. She was gentle and had been with Alexander before he rose in power, and it was heard that Alexander was only able to survive until 18 years old as a foolish child because of her meticulous care.

This couple truly went through trials and tribulations.

Even when Alexander became the lord of the entire continent, he never neglected this great woman.

This woman who had no cultivation strength and knew nothing about military and politics became the Human Emperor’s most needed support, and her gentle and kind personality won her the respect from everyone around the Human Emperor.

“But… Her Highness doesn’t have cultivation strength, right? How come she appeared here?” many people thought to themselves.

Right now, many people could sense that Angela had a shocking amount of power that was on par with that of Fei and Gao Shang.

It seemed like Angela was slowly walking in space, but she traveled through a long distance within a few steps, arriving beside Fei.

Then, Angela reached out her hands and lightly grabbed Fei’s hands.

Fei’s body instantly shook. His core energy that was depleting at a fast pace suddenly stopped decreasing, and the burning sensation disappeared.

Streaks of cold energy flowed into Fei’s body through Angela’s hands. At this moment, the mystical power inside Angela’s body was about to reach the Realm of the God of Creation.

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        Her silky black hair was like dark cloud tied together with a purple string. Her skin was paler than snow and smoother than ice. The violet tunic skirt elevated her curves, making her appear like a goddess that most men would dream of seeing. She was just perfect

        Hail the king chapter 1

        angela’s first appearance

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