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Hail the King Chapter 1274.3

Chapter 1274: Finale (3) (Part Three)

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Before, Angela could use her presence to control demon beasts and animals. However, the weak presence had now grown into a giant force that seemed like the surging ocean.

Fei could tell that Angela’s presence was identical to the girl of the God Clan who had turned into a streak of pure energy and disappeared toward the Azeroth Continent.

“Could it be… the merge of power?”

There wasn’t enough time for Fei to think.

In the next moment, he felt like the power in his body started to climb again, and his degree of fusion with the grand godly realm that was stuck at 99 percent reached 100 percent. It felt like the progress bar in his mind was perfectly filled.

Now that Fei reached complete fusion with the grand godly realm, everything changed in Fei’s mind.

This was the Realm of the God of Creation! This was the real deal!

The last bit of degree of fusion that Fei needed wasn’t more energy and the increase in strength. Instead, Fei only needed to hold hands with this girl beside him.

All the Saint Items of Creation around Fei radiated with brilliant flames and instantly disappeared into his body. The last bit of gap between Fei and these saint items disappeared, and he now felt like these items were parts of his body and connected with him by blood.

Fei looked up.

Gao Shang’s strike that was terrifying and unstoppable suddenly turned fragile at this moment.

Seeing the giant bug claws pressing down toward him, Fei lightly waved his arm as if he was getting rid of a fly.


It felt like a giant bubble busted.

Gao Shang’s enormous body instantly shattered and turned into a giant streak of smoke. Like a sand sculpture that was collapsing in a tornado, the small particles dispersed into the area and became stardust.

“No… I’m unwilling to admit defeat… my path… is it really defeated?” an unwilling voice sounded; it was coming from Gao Shang’s broken soul.

A figure comprised of light floated out of the green stardust. This figure was human, and he had short black hair. He was wearing a yellow Polo t-shirt, a pair of jean shorts, and a pair of running shoes. With a shoulder bag, he looked just like a high-schooler from the modern Earth.

This young man had thin lips, small eyes, and a tall nose. He looked playful yet had an indescribable persistence.

“Is this Gao Shang? Did he use to look like this? A high-schooler from Earth?”

The sudden loss of power and body made Gao Shang’s true soul return to his initial form. Perhaps Gao Shang still had persistent memories of his former self.

“My path…” Gao Shang’s true soul staggered and seemed to have lost his power and his mind. There were only his deepest wishes remaining.

“Big Brother… I need to go back… go back…”

While staggering and shouting, Gao Shang broke the spatial barriers and turned into a streak of light, dashing toward Zhang Hui’s spatial coordinates and rushing to that blue planet.

The green stardust that appeared after Gao Shang’s enormous bug body exploded dispersed in space and formed many images.

A pair of twins were born on Earth, but they lost their parents and relied on each other to survive…

They went to the same high school…

They played basketball together…

They played games together…

They fell in love with the same girl…

They both got into the same car accident and traveled through space…

They both landed in the new world, obtained power, and became lords…

However, due to the difference in their powers and their choices of path, the two brothers clashed and became enemies…

The Big Brother became the God of Creation who everyone respected, and he later merged with the universe….

The Little Brother discovered the bugs’ gene of continuous evolution by devouring others, and he chose this unorthodox path. He obtained the control of the bug race and became the [Mother Empress].

When the green stardust finally settled, everything returned to peace!

After a short moment of silence, thunder-like cheers and applause sounded on the battleground in space!

Everyone was celebrating like crazy! Many heroes and geniuses had died in this war, and it was finally over.

At the most critical moment, the Human Emperor became the new God of Creation!

Others would never know what it meant when Queen Angela appeared and held onto Human Emperor Alexander’s hands.

Fei and Angela looked at each other and smiled; nothing needed to be explained!

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  1. i_iGamer

    wow it was rlly… cool? i rlly liked that k i’d never expect angela to be the key to make fei the new creation god but here we are my friends, here we are it was a fun journey with all of u i thank all the people who worked on translating this novel, i dont know if this is the last chapter or if it keeps going a little more, but it was really fun coming along with all of you!

    thx once again for the chapter noodles! without u guys we would never have reached this feat!

  2. According to novel updates there is 1274 chapters, but this didn’t feel like a proper closure so I think there is another chapter

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