Chapter 1275: The Grand Finale (Part One)

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Half a month later, the entire Azeroth Continent shook when the united troops returned from the battleground in space, announcing the end of the war.

The celebration of victory made numerous people feel the joy of being alive.

Those people who lost their loved ones such as fathers, husbands, and sons fell into a long period of sorrow. The loved ones of the fallen heroes were saddened, but they were also proud since these people died to protect the continent.

It was the warriors’ duty to die in battle. For many warriors, being able to participate in the Holy War was an unprecedented honor.

In the center of the continent, many monuments were built on the Bali Island that was once engulfed in the smoke of war.

Human Emperor Alexander issued the edict, and the name of every hero who died in this war were engraved on the Eternal Godly Pillar, regardless if they were ordinary soldiers, advisors, workers, or supreme masters.

The Eternal Godly Pillar was about 10,000 meters tall, and it seemed like the pillar that propped up the sky. With eternal light shining on it, it stood tall in the center of the continent.

This godly pillar was strengthened by the godly power of Human Emperor Alexander who was an unprecedented master that entered the Realm of the God of Creation. Even if millions of years passed, and it went through snow, rain, wind, and frost, this pillar wouldn’t be damaged at all.

The names of the heroes who died on the battleground in space were engraved on the two sides and the back of the godly pillar in small fonts, and the Human Emperor’s writings were engraved on the front.

“The heroes of Azeroth who sacrificed themselves in the Holy War on the battleground in space will always be remembered!”

“The heroes of Azeroth who fought for the freedom and survival of Azeroth in the last five years will always be remembered!”

“The ordinary people, warriors, advisors, and masters of Azeroth who fought the Polluters, violence, slavery, and darkness during the Mythical Era thousands of years ago will always be remembered! They protected the love and justice on the continent!”

These writings would always shine a light on Azeroth, motiving every race and every creature on this magical land to protect this land that these heroes used their blood, lives, and souls to nurture!

After the Holy War, the Azeroth Continent was in a mess, and everything needed to be rebuilt.

With the deaths of many elite masters, commanders, advisors, and administrative officials, the power and order of the civilizations on Azeroth declined to a shocking level.

Fortunately, before the war, Human Emperor Alexander had united the entire Azeroth Continent. From the Chambord Kingdom to the Zenit Empire to the Northern Region Empire to the Azeroth Empire, a massive empire was born!

The benefits that the single empire brought to the people on the Azeroth Continent were visible.

When Human Emperor Alexander who had supreme prestige in this dimension issued an order, countless people followed. Even though there were speculators and ambitious people with ill-intentions, there wasn’t the soil for their plans to grow, and they couldn’t benefit from the overarching chaotic period after the war.

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