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Hail the King Chapter 1275.4

Chapter 1275: The Grand Finale (Part Four)

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“Let’s guess what is inside!” Fei released a streak of golden light and melted the godly blood chains around this giant sealed egg.

In the next second, the four entered the sealed egg.

The surroundings instantly dimmed.

It was raining in this space, and a few old hens were chirping, trying to find worms to eat underneath the wet grass.

Looking around, people could see fences made by thick wooden beams, many ragged tents, and a blacksmith workshop.

A sense of vicissitude permeated the air.

“How is this possible?” Elena was stunned.

This was the initial map in the Diablo World – [Rogue Encampment]!

“Hahaha! Now, I feel a lot better! Even God of Creation Gao De wasn’t a complete sage. Using his insane power, he created a new world and placed his descendants in it. Perhaps he foresaw a catastrophe in later years and hoped that his loved ones could avoid it. Eh, it is in line with my guesses. Elena, I’m now finally relieved. You aren’t an NPC created by codes; you are a descendant of Gao De His Holiness. He created this world with other people and dangers in it so that his descendants could reproduce and not lose power due to complete safety. The monsters from Hell were created by him to pressure and temper you guys. He hoped that you all could be brave and powerful…” Fei laughed.

Elena was a descendant of Gao De.

All the ‘NPCs’ in the first [Rogue Encampment] had their own intelligence and thoughts, much different from the NPCs in other maps and scenes. It meant that people like Cain and Akara were all living beings and not NPCs created by codes.

This settled one of the worries on Fei’s mind.

Fei was knocked out by a disk in his previous life and came to this world. It meant that he was probably chosen by Gao De, and that was why he could enter the Diablo World and get stronger. In the real world, he could absorb the mystical energy left by undead creatures and bugs; it was probably made possible by Gao De as well.

In order to counter the bugs, Gao De created a unique physique that could also absorb foreign energies.

Everything was prepared to defeat Gao Shang.

“Perhaps we should go and see the former God of Creation, Gao De His Holiness. Elena, let’s go and see your ancestor.”

-In an unknown dimension, 21st century on Earth-

Two boys who were about 1.7 meters tall were walking toward their school in a cheerful mood. They were brothers and also orphans, and they relied on each other; they had a great relationship.

They wore the same school uniforms and hummed the same popular song; they were filled with vitality and energy.

In the sky, Fei and his three lovers appeared.

With the laws of nature around them, no one could see them.

However, one of the two boys seemed to have sensed something and looked up at the sky. Then, he smiled and showed his white teeth.

“Big Brother, what are you looking at?”

“Nothing. I just suddenly feel like someone intimate is looking at me…”

[TL Note: This is the end of HTK! Thanks a lot for your support over the years, and we couldn’t have done it without you! This book took over four years to translate on our own site, and it was quite a journey. If you have any questions about the book that you feel like are not answered, please comment or message us, and we can chat and exchange our perspectives.

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It has been a long 4 years, but we have finally reached the end! Thank you to everybody who has been with us since the beginning, when we were just 3 moist guys in our 2nd year of university. Now we are writing this as 3 moist men, who have graduated university. We hope you enjoyed reading with us, and come check out our other books now that this one is done!!

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