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Hail the King Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Greedy, Rogue-like Old B-----d

Intelligent people like the eldest princess and Arshavin understood where this little king’s anger came from.

There were the ruins on the peak of Eastern mountain, the smoke and the fire in Chambord Kingdom. Except for Paris who was the main cause, people like the eldest princess and Arshavin were to blame as well. If the eldest princess didn’t choose Chambord as the location of the death match, Chambord wouldn’t have had to experience all of this.

Arshavin didn’t say anything. He looked serious as he pushed his fire-attributed energy to heal his injuries.

Even Susan, the swordswoman, felt the hostile attitude Fei had towards them. She held onto her weapon tightly and guarded the eldest princess with Knight Captain Romain and the rest of cavaliers who had survived. They were afraid that Fei might lose his mind and attack the eldest princess. The one who had the most indescribable feeling was Knight Captain Romain. He didn’t even consider this young king as an enemy during the conflict in the celebration ceremony more than ten days ago. He didn’t even have the will to fight Fei because Fei was so weak. But now, when Fei stood in front of him again, he suddenly realized that he was no longer a match to Fei.

In terms of individual strength, Romain couldn’t win against Fei even if he gave his best.

However, as a knight captain, Romain’s biggest strength wasn’t individual strength, but rather commanding troops and military strategy. If he had a full team of two hundred cavaliers, he was confident that he could defeat Fei directly with one charge. But now, it was wise to admit defeat.

The atmosphere suddenly became more intense compared to the initial bloody fight.


Hundreds of blackbirds that survived on rotten meat were attracted to the corpses and blood on the peak of Eastern mountain and weren’t going away. They cried and screamed, and made the people on the peak of Eastern mountain more anxious and annoyed.


Fei suddenly punched up at the sky.

The air exploded as the force was sent up to the sky. In the loud explosion, visible air waves rose to the sky, and the crowd of birds couldn’t fly away fast enough. Forty to fifty birds exploded into blood mist as they sensed the danger and screamed. The real danger made the huge carnivorous birds realized their situation, and they quickly fled away.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

The cavaliers and the female swordswoman all drew out their weapons from their waist as they were scared; they were planning for the worst.

“Ok, this is better… Eldest princess, I didn’t mean to scare you!”

What Fei just said relieved the cavaliers and Susan. It looked like this man had thought everything through. However, the eldest princess was the only one who wasn’t concerned at all from start to finish, as if she already knew that Fei would make this decision. Her blue, ocean-like eyes reflected the sunlight, and a rare smile appeared on her face. She lightly nodded, “King Alexander, thank you for everything today!”

Fei smiled back and didn’t say anything more.

To be honest, Fei didn’t underestimate this woman since the beginning.

Although everything seemed like it was he who was the hero and saved the eldest princess from danger, Fei had a strange feeling. Even if he didn’t come out and defeat everyone, this eldest princess probably still had cards that she didn’t pull out. If she pulled them out, all the danger would be resolved. However, there was no way for Fei to know what kind of cards she had. What he knew was that this thin woman who looked sick was too calm from the start, as if she was only a bystander.

Fei switched to [Assassin Mode] and quickly swept out the invisible magic traps.

The peak of Eastern mountain was severely damaged. The main structure, the King’s Altar, had officially became a ruin. More than half of the huge statues that represented all the historical kings’ and heroes’ glory were also destroyed. There was a mess everywhere. Quickly, more than a hundred [Iron Troops] of Chambord received the signal, and they arrived at the peak of King’s mountain under the lead of Fernando-Torres and Peter-Cech. These soldiers were carefully picked out by Brook and Cech for Fei. They drank the diluted [Hulk Potion], and their bodies were restructured. They were all strong; they could easily lift stones that weighed a thousand pounds. The process of cleaning up the mess was fast, and that gave the influential people from Zenit Empire a good impression. The twenty or so cavaliers that survived the entire event were shocked yet again. They now understood that the King of Chambord was a monster, and the soldiers of Chambord were monsters, too! They couldn’t even take on one soldier with all of their strengths combined.

The old handsome Bast smiled as he appeared in front of the eldest princess with a book in his hand.

“Your Highness, we are very sorry to disturb you during this ceremony. However, Chambord had suffered huge losses this time… Also… Eh, a portion of the damages were caused by the Royal Coronation Legion. We, hehe, could you help Chambord out by applying for some grants from the Finance Minister of Zenit for us?… After all, Chambord, along with our king, has paid a high price to protect Your Highness…”

Susan and the cavaliers also bit their tongues. “This gay-a-s guy dares to ask for compensation from the eldest princess?” they thought to themselves.

However, even the eldest princess, the [Goddess of Intelligence] couldn’t come up with anything in a moment to counter this old handsome man who was graceful and polite like a noble, but also greedy and picky like a merchant. She couldn’t yell at him, nor could she ask the cavaliers to shoo him away. Finally, she couldn’t escape her fate, like the prince from Shanui Kingdom, and signed a contract and proposal for financial support from Zenit Empire after being softly forced into it by Bast.

His father-in-law had accomplished his task, yet Fei was standing in front of Andrew-Arshavin, [Zenit’s God of War]. This famous military commander probably didn’t check his daily horoscope before leaving the house. The carefully prepared exit strategy didn’t work, and he was sneak attacked and nearly died in this remote kingdom. His reputation would definitely suffer a hit after this event.

In fact, losing some reputation would not be the most significant incident.

His severe injury would be a lethal blow. Currently, the capital of Zenit was in a chaos. Emperor Yassin, who had the control of the empire for 60 years, was getting weaker every day, and he and second prince Dominguez were the two candidates who people thought were most likely to inherit the throne. The fight between them was entering the climax. Second Prince Dominguez was a very smart and courageous opponent, and he had support from a lot of ministers and nobles. Arshavin knew that his injury would bring him and his supporters a disadvantage against Dominguez. If he couldn’t heal in time, he might lose this fight for the throne.

However, his injuries wouldn’t recover in half a year.

[Butcher] Sandro’s energy that entered his body was refined and empowered by the two mysterious rings that Sandro was wearing. The energy was very explosive and direct. Arshavin still couldn’t oppress it after he withdrew all of his six-star warrior energy back into his body. He was only able to calm that stream of energy down and prevent it from damaging his body. After he got injured up until now, the healing that was done was minimal. He couldn’t find a way to get rid of that explosive energy in his body.

The purple dressed girl who was in her own purple energy flame was in a similar condition to Arshavin. A thin layer of sweat had appeared on her pretty face. She was frowning as the healing wasn’t as effective as she hoped.

“Hey, girl. Thanks for notifying me beforehand!” Fei walked to the purple dressed girl and handed her a small bottle of 【Rejuvenation Potion】 as he smiled and said, “This might help you.”

The girl looked at Fei with a confused expression.

She saw Fei’s smile that was brighter than the sun and hesitated a little. But after she thought about the moment when she notified Fei about an assassin sneaking up on him and the huge wound on Fei’s body healing up after Fei drank a potion, she decided to take the potion and chugged down the slightly warm liquid.

An indescribable sensation immediately rose in her body. The explosive energy was instantly suppressed by the effect of the potion. As if snow met hot water, the energy disappeared in a few seconds.

The purple energy flame also flashed and returned to her body. After she checked her condition, she found out in surprise that most of the injuries she suffered had healed. She could probably return to her peak condition after a month of resting.

“Thank you, King Alexander!”

The girl bowed. Maybe she didn’t notice, but her attitude toward Fei had turned from disdain to curiosity and friendliness. even the way she addressed him had turned from “savage” to “King Alexander”.

Fei just smiled.

He turned around and walked to Arshavin. After dropping off another half bottle of 【Rejuvenation Potion】, he jumped on the big black dog with his fiancée Angela and left the peak of Eastern mountain without saying a word.

If Arshavin was smart, he wouldn’t hold a grudge against Fei and would try to win Fei over to his side. Even the cold-blooded woman Paris and the second prince Dominguez who was behind her would probably try to win him over as well.

Actually, letting that woman go wasn’t because he was touched by her beauty, nor was it because he was touched by swordsman [Hidden at Snowpeak] Donny’s firm love. He did so because he was considering Chambord’s future.


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