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Hail the King Chapter 131

Chapter 131: The Heartwarming Times

It was the best for survival if they were stuck in a slit between two superpowers.

If Arshavin and Dominguez were two tigers, then Fei would be a baby wolf that still needed to drink its mother’s milk. Before the two tigers had determined a winner amongst themselves, they wouldn’t have to energy to deal with Fei even if they were very unsatisfied with him, just in case they pushed Chambord and Fei, who had huge potentials, towards their competitor and gave them a growing help and advantage. This wasn’t a hypothetical situation; the strength that Chambord and Fei had demonstrated in this fight had put themselves in the eyes of the superpowers.

Fei was thinking from this perspective, and that was why he let Paris leave.

Fei could only get time and opportunities if the pot of water was muddy and unclear. If he helped Arshavin and the eldest princess defeat Dominguez’s core strength, the pot of water would become clear and he wouldn’t get the time and opportunities that he needed.

The road down the mountain was bumpy, and the long stone stairs were like a magnificent white road to heaven.

The autumn wind blew; it was warm, but not hot. Fei played with the black hair of the beauty in his arms; it was the first time that they were so intimate together. [Black Tornado] leaped down the stairs, but its back was very stable. One of Fei’s hand was on his fiancée’s slender waist, and the warm, smooth, ecstatic feel of her skin and dress was relayed from his hand to his brain. The light fragrance also filled the air around him, so every breath he took was very enjoyable. Fei didn’t suppress his desires, but his mind was very calm; it was a very peaceful and warm feeling.

“Angela, your performance today was great. I was also fooled by you…” Fei got close to the girl’s ear and whispered, “You did bite your tongue, didn’t you?”

The girl was definitely not used to this intimate treatment. Fei felt her body slightly shivering, and her white face and neck blushed. However, the girl nodded in response to Fei.

“Does it still hurt?” After Fei said that, he couldn’t believe that something so dumb and novice came out of his mouth; he thought that he was a love expert when he was on still on Earth.

However, Angela felt her lover’s care. She slightly shook her head and said, “It doesn’t hurt anymore… It was all healed by the potion that you gave me…” The scenery in the mountains was very pretty and relaxing. Angela was slowly getting used to this close contact. She leaned comfortably in Fei’s arms. “Alexander, am I very useless? I was caught by that girl, and also ruined your plans…”

“There’s no such thing! Didn’t you fool that aunty?”

“Hah… She is not an aunty; that girl is very young and pretty!”

“She is nothing compared to my Angela.” Fei felt that he was slowly recovering his love expert knowledge. He could say something sensual without blushing.

“But I feel like I’m very useless… If I could be like that girl who was an archer, then I could help you much more. That would be great if it came true!” A woman’s intuition was sometimes scarier than the terrifying magic in this world. Angela laid calmly in Fei’s arms and murmured as the wind fluttered her silky black hair. “Alexander, you know that girl, right? Can you tell me more about her?”

Fei realized that he couldn’t overlook a woman’s thoughts.

“She is from a world far away. She is a valiant and brave warrior…” Fei didn’t try to hide anything. He started to tell Angela about Elena’s story, but he changed the concept of the Diablo World. “Her homeland was under attack by demons and monsters. In order to protect her home, friends and families, she had to step on the edge of life and death every day, and she saw numerous of her sisters and family members die under the claws of demons and monster. It was a dark time…”

Most women were emotional creatures, especially crystal pure and innocent girls like Angela. They became passionate and empathetic very easily. Near the end of the story, Angela’s eyes were red as she was about to tear up, “Elena is so great…”

People could never get enough of warm and peaceful time like this; Fei was no exception.

Under Fei’s quiet command, the big black dog didn’t hurry and return to Chambord Castle. Instead, it wandered around in the Eastern mountain.

Although Chambord was at the edge of Zenit Empire and was remote, the scenery and terrain were very picturesque. The yellow falling leaves flew around the mountain like butterflies. [Black Tornado] could easily jump to places that ordinary people couldn’t get to. Angela quickly got out of her negative mood and started to enjoy the beautiful view she was seeing.

If the big black dog, the smart third wheel, wasn’t here, this would be the first time that Fei could actually spend some quality alone time with Angela since he first arrived on Azeroth Continent. This heartwarming sensation made Fei feel like he was with his first love on Earth. Although the girl in his arms wasn’t as intelligent as the eldest princess, nor as sexy as Paris, nor as valiant as Elena, nor as stylish as the purple dressed girl, her kindness, gentleness and innocence made Fei feel like he had a harbor in this cruel and unfamiliar world. With Angela in his arms, he felt like he owned everything he wanted in this whole world.

Fei loved this feeling, and he treasured it in his heart.

It was already passed noon when both of them returned to Chambord Castle on the big black dog.

The citizens who were withdrew from the castle were slowly, yet continuously returning to their homes. Fei saw fifty to sixty soldier-like foreigners tightened on a long chain, locked in front of the number one noble family’s, Viscount Lousie’s, mansion. These guys were down and dispirited; they were guarded by more than twenty Chambord soldiers. Fei’s father-in-law who had just earned Chambord a fortune, and military leader Brook came out of the mansion as Fei passed by.

“King Alexander!”

The soldiers saluted to Fei as they saw him coming. They didn’t hide their respect and admiration that they had towards him.

Fei waved as he responded to their salute.

“Your Majesty. Viscount Louise… His whole family is dead. It’s too cruel. None of their bloodline was kept alive.” Brook pointed at the chained fake nobles and said, “It’s because of these emotionless bastards. Except for Viscount Louise, they also attacked the other few noble families and large merchant families. Most of these families were massacred. Except for some servants and maids, nothing was left alive. They robbed a large amount of money and valuables and were trying to get treasures out of the castle… But when we came by, they were already captured by someone; they were all knocked out. I just ordered the soldiers to tie up these bastards. I was waiting for Your Majesty to come and make the final decision.”

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Thanks to Ricardo Verweij and Thomas Sharples for this bonus chapter. Did we finally clear it after 73 years? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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