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Hail the King Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Three Departments and Six Ministries, and the Bronze Code of Law

                Before Fei reincarnated, he was just a third-rate college study without much talent, nor did he have any extraordinary experience. So, towards Chambord City’s restructuring, he couldn’t put forward any constructive comments. Saint Seiya and the Bylaw Enforcement divisions were all based on his stupid hobbies. These were the military power on the surface of Chambord City. If you wanted to draw the clear line between the two, it would be that the Saint Seiyas were more like the imperial guards from the old dynasty eras, the body guards of the King, responsible for the security of the palace and executing certain commands from the King. And then the Bylaw Enforcers were the regular army, other than managing the country’s regular tasks and military operations, it still carried the city management responsibilities. After all, Chambord City was still too small at the moment, and there was no need to raise a more detailed system.

Of course, what everyone didn’t know was that Fei originally planned to form another power – a troop that he planned to name the “Secret Service” shadow troop, used to execute some missions in the dark. In a sense, the existence of this army was necessary. Kind of like the group of bandits under that cold-blood demonic woman Paris’s command. But, Fei noticed that there was no people with talent in that area at the moment in Chambord City, so he temporarily gave up.

However, Fei mastered the Diablo World’s [Assassin Mode], proficient in camouflage, infiltration, assassination, poison, traps, and other skills. As long as he could find the right people in the future, this army will be built sooner or later.

That way, counting the Secret Service that has yet to be developed, then Chambord City’s military system was divided into three.

The highest commander of these three military systems was the King himself, so they will report directly to the King.

Fei clearly remembered Chairman Mao’s words from past life, “Politics comes from military power!”. That’s why he tightly grasped the military power in his own hands. Such a way was also in line with the habit of the monarchs on the continent of Azeroth. So many people only felt that the name of the new military system was a bit strange, but whether it was Bast, Brook and the others, or the peasants, they all showed full obedience to King Alexander’s new orders.

And as for the administrative system reform outside of the military, although Fei had received many suggestions in the past month, there was no beautiful plan that stood out in his eyes. Bast also got a few more white hairs from being so sad, and in the end, Fei had no choice but to do it himself. He simply once again shamelessly plagiarized the wisdom of the past world’s wise people, and brought Tang dynasty’s Three Departments and Six Ministries to the Land of Azeroth.

In the name of King, Fei completely abolished the past system of having the Head Minister in full control of the political system, and instead set left and right prime ministers and a Censorate to divide up the previous head minister’s power. Under these three, there were the Ministry of Rites that was in charge of the Kingdom’s rituals and traditions, the Ministry of Personnel that was in charge of promotion of personnel, the Ministry of Justice that was in charge of the law and the prison, the Ministry of Defence which was in charge of the logistics side of the military system, the Ministry of Works which was in charge of construction, and the Ministry of Revenue which was in charge of the treasury.

This was a version of the three departments and six ministries that was modified based on local conditions.

Fei changed and simplified a lot of this cumbersome system, and also modified many functions of the six ministries. For instance, Chambord City’s Ministry of Defence had its power greatly reduce. In the ancient dynasties in China, many dynasties’ Ministry of Defence could directly control the military, but Chambord City’s Ministry of Defence was only in charge of the military’s logistics. But anyways, this was a detailed and clear plan. The Three Departments and Six Ministry System could last for many decades in the past feudal dynasty, condensed from the wisdom of innumerable wise people, it should probably be enough to keep this small Chambord City in order.

Such a series of changes, for a small Kingdom like Chambord, was for sure absolutely ground-breaking.

Seeing Fei proposing the new administrative system reform program, Bast became silent for a long time.

Though the Eastern Mountain battle had just ended, this old handsome man originally thought that he already had a clear grasp of this future son-in-law’s capabilities, but, when the facts showed in front of his eyes again and again, this old handsome man was still shocked.

Bast was born in a once glorious and arrogant aristocratic family, and was educated by a very complete and strict ancient aristocratic education system. This is why this old handsome man could always gracefully show an elegant aristocratic temperament. Then, due to certain reasons, his family lost its power, and Bast had no choice but to wander in the cruel world with the Angela who was still in infancy. When they came across Chambord City, they were adopted by the kind former King. Then in order to show gratitude and also in consideration of finding a good destination for his daughter’s future, he arranged the marriage for Angela and Alexander. At that time, Alexander was still small, and everything seemed normal, but who knew that the Alexander would grow up to become a r----d…

Bast had regretted this, but due to the glory of the nobility and the old king’s kindness, Bast could not get those words of regret out of his mouth.

Then the Old King passed away, and Bast’s attempt to keep the idiot Alexander’s throne could be described as painstakingly. Two months earlier he swept away all the treasures of the royal family. The outsiders only knew that he ran away after selling his daughter, but only Lampard knew, this old noble actually abandoned all his dignity to go to Zenit Empire to beg for Alexander’s King’s throne. He exhausted all wealth and suffered enough embarrassment and finally got to see the big figure in the empire, finally reminding those big figures at Zenit Empire about the small Chambord Kingdom in the distant border that there’s a little king named Alexander that just hit 18 years old and needed to be crowned.

Once officially crowned, no matter how domineering the Head Minister Bazzer was, he wouldn’t be able to shake the idiot son-in-law Alexander’s throne.

This was Bast’s intention.

But what he didn’t expect was that the Elder Princess and Paris, the two most terrifying women in the empire had already had their eyes on Chambord City as the best place for their spat, and ultimately did Bast the favor on the way. The monarch’s emissary group finally was on its way to Chambord city, but on the way, hearing the scout report that Chambord City was attacked by the Black Armor army, Bast’s heart felt like he was being barbequed. Fearing that he would return back late only to see the cold bodies of his daughter and son-in-law… Bast didn’t even dare to dream that upon meeting again, the god would play such an incredible joke with him: his idiot son-in-law not only returned normal, but also turned into a true domineering king.

Seeing this administrative system reform plan in front of his eyes, Bast had to once again admit that he underestimated the future of his son-in-law. Alexander’s growth rate was appalling, beyond the most exaggerated songs in the lands of Azeroth of any well-known king. The level of perfection of this reform plan has far exceeded Bast’s most optimistic expectation. As a pure aristocracy that was previously properly educated, Bast’s vision in the administrative aspect was far better than Brook and the other common people. He could already foresee the kind of changes that will take place in Chambord when this program gets implemented, and what kind of impact it will bring to the Zenit Empire.

This was a terrifying force that was far beyond personal strength, and it will change the entire world.

“This is an incomplete proposal and some things need further refinement. Hopefully uncle Bast can complete it as soon as possible. Chambord city don’t have any talents in administration at the moment, so the tasks of Left and Right Prime Minister will still need Uncle Bast to take care of. As for the nomination and promotion of the six ministries, I will still need you to prepare the candidates…” Speaking of this, Fei once again felt the difficulty of running a country. No wonder there was a great man that said “talents are what is most valuable in the 21st century.” Chambord City right now was basically a pirated version of a good city. Military power could be easily solved, but administration talents were really lacking.

“If it doesn’t work, we will open up administration and political courses in the Chambord Civil and Military School, and cultivate talents from youth!”

Sweeping away the old aristocracy, Fei simply took the opportunity and directly abolished the old aristocratic hereditary system, and it was implemented very thoroughly.

Then, on the third day after the battle of Eastern Mountain top, King Alexander did another unprecedented act.

12 six-meter tall bronze warrior statues were set up in front of the Chambord City temple, and the copper body was engraved with dense inscriptions. These were the new laws Fei designed for this entire Kingdom, and each Bronze statue’s body described a certain facet of the laws. The first nine statues all had their carvings divided into summons, trials, execution, kingship, inheritance, custody, ownership and possession, land and housing, private law (specific crime statement), public law and other content, and then the other three statues were left blank.

When the 12 bronze statues came out, the whole Kingdom was shocked.

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