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Hail the King Chapter 134

Chapter 134: The Origin of [Fake Death Potion]

In the entire history of the ancient Azeroth Continent, there had never been a single king that had publicly announced the law to his or her citizens.

For a long time, only nobles were qualified to know the law. The written law was never disclosed to the public. The royal and nobles had unanimously agreed that the law should be kept a mystery to the public so that it would have a stronger deterring effect. If civilians also knew the law, they might cause trouble and chaos. The law would also lose its purpose of maintaining the image of nobles and the deterring effect on the civilians. Most of the time, civilians would only know that they had done something illegal and would face punishments after they went past the line. These types of legal concepts and norms helped the nobles maintain their status and the strict hierarchy system. This also caused a lot of misunderstandings around the law and created noble privileges.

The fact that Fei casted copper warrior statues and wrote down the law was the first time someone had done so on the Azeroth Continent.

For a few days, people surrounded the Warrior Codex Statue. Everyone was carefully reading the codex and the laws; some parents didn’t understand the writing, but they proudly brought their kids who were enrolled at Chambord Civil and Military Academy, and the kids read and explained the laws to their parents.

Laughter and surprised chatter sounded among the crowds.

The legal system and laws were very complete and included a variety of things; they were beyond people’s imaginations. They touched on almost everything that might occur in the kingdom. This codex was like an unprecedented legal system. Even the eldest princess Tanasha, who decided to stay in Chambord temporarily for some reason, came to the twelve Warrior Codex Statues and read every single law written on them. She ordered her servants to carefully copy this codex.

“This is a set of law of the saints… King Alexander of Chambord could be considered a saint just by this set of laws!”

The sigh and murmur that the eldest princess subconsciously made when she was extremely shocked was overheard by someone, and it quickly spread around Chambord. Although a lot of people didn’t understand the true underlying meaning of this set of laws, the high appraisal from the Empire’s [Goddess of Intelligence] had hyped up the reputation of King Alexander among the citizens. Many people started to address their king as “Saint King Alexander.”

To Fei, this was only the beginning.

After borrowing ideas from his previous life such as Saint Seiya, Urban Management Team and Jinyi Guards to perfect the military system, the Three Sector Six Department structure to perfect the civil executive system, and the Leges Duodecim Tabularum, the origin of the legal system for Ancient Rome to perfect the legal system, Fei had painted a magnificent and beautiful design on white paper. In terms of the structure and system, Chambord was way ahead of the super powerful empires on this continent.

Of course, Fei was glad that Chambord was small and simple, like a piece of white paper. If he was in a huge bureaucratic empire, he would be faced with a huge amount of opposition. It would be impossible to complete these series of reforms in a short time; he might not even be able complete it in the long run.

After everything was done, Fei’s focus went back onto the strength of Chambord as a whole.

Five days after the battle of the peak of Eastern mountain.

Priest Zola and Luciano brought along some energy training scrolls and magic scrolls as they came to the King’s Palace to see Fei. For the last couple of days, they had heard some of the things that had happened on the peak of Eastern mountain. They sweated buckets when they heard it; if Fei didn’t warn them and told them not to go on the peak of Eastern mountain, they probably would have been buried underground with all the other corpses. Now, they felt a sense of gratefulness on top of fear towards Fei, so they worked even faster. In less than ten days, they gathered a dozen energy training scrolls and magic scrolls and placed them in front of Fei.

Fei was satisfied with the speed of execution of the two; he gave them some “carrots” and let them go.

There were 10 energy training scrolls; they were all under two-star rank, but they covered all five attributes. There were five magic scrolls, but they didn’t cover all the attributes. These were enough for Chambord Civil and Military Academy to use for now. Fei used a quill pen and created one sheep leather manuscript for each scroll and commanded his personal guard Torres to deliver them to the library at the academy for the students and teachers to use.

Fei had one set of energy training scrolls in his hand as he looked at the sky.

He had tried to training using the energy training scrolls and magic scrolls increase his personal strength, but after a series of tests, the results were disappointing. He found out through the series of tests that he was not talented at using energy or magic at all; in fact, his body was very different from other people on this continent. His body couldn’t store energy or magic.

From the power structure on Azeroth Continent, people could create warrior energy and magic energy through the process of training for warriors and meditation for mages. But to Fei, when he was training or meditating, he would generate warrior and magic energy, but as soon as he stopped, the warrior and magic energy that he created would instantly disappear and could not be found, just like it was playing hide and seek with him.

This situation forced Fei to ditch the training for warrior and magic energy.

He decided to use the Diablo World to improve himself.

He put the energy training scroll and magic scroll into his storage space as he entered the Diablo World.

He chose Barbarian Mode and went to Priestess Akara.

For the last couple of days, Fei was used to going to Akara to learn about the theory of mysterious potion and scroll creation. One of three legendary Miraculous Skill 【Learn】, started to show its effect. Fei was very talented at learning these kinds of things, which Akara was very surprised by. However, the king had brought his clumsy personality from his previous life to the Diablo World. He frequently forgot to add important ingredients, engraved the wrong magic patterns onto scrolls, and messed up the creation process. All of these resulted in violent explosions that occurred in 【Rogue Encampment】, and the beautiful rogues saw Akara who had dirt on her face chasing after Fei with a broom in her hand.

However, Fei made significant progress.

Until now, Fei had mastered the process of creating 【Healing Potions】 and 【Mana Potions】.

Studying the theory was very boring, and time passed by slowly.

As the daily half-hour studying time was about to finish, Fei took out a bottle of pink potion. This potion was named [Fake Death Potion] by Fei.  [Fake Death Potion] was the most important item that carried Chambord through the whole disaster; it was the reason why people like Angela and Lampard could fake their deaths and fool both Paris and the eldest princess.

“Is this the mutated potion that you were talking about?”

Akara carefully observed the bottle of mysterious pink potion; she was very intrigued. She took the cap off of the bottle, slightly smelled it, and swirled it. She placed one drop of the potion onto her hand, and rubbed it using her finger. After a while, she shook her head as she said, “This is a brand new potion… can you tell me in detail how you made this potion? Don’t leave any details out.”

Fei told her the process of how he made the [Fake Death Potion].

“So, you were originally trying to make some 【Healing Potions】, but the same formula created something completely different in your world?” Akara had a hard time believing it. “Did you use the wrong formula again?” Akara wasn’t very confident in Fei’s memorization.

“Impossible…” Fei disagreed. “I clearly used the formula that you taught me and made more than 20 potions, and all of them had mutated…” Fei said as he shook his head. “Therefore, I suspect that the formula was correct, but the raw ingredients between the two worlds are a bit different… Eh, the materials that I used were all from my world, so that might be the reason for the mutation.”

“What? You’re saying that the Promising World has the raw materials for making potions as well?” People from 【Rogue Encampment】 liked to call Azeroth Continent as the Promising World. After hearing Fei’s reasoning, Akara was shocked. “Mister Fei, you never told me that before.”

“I discovered that by accident.” Fei rubbed his nose as he said, “Too many things occurred in the last couple of days, and I didn’t have the chance to tell you.” After he said that, he took out the energy training scrolls and magic scrolls from his storage space and gave them to Akara. “These scrolls are used by the people from the Promising World to increase their strength. They call them warrior energy and magic energy. They might give you some hints and clues.”

At this moment –

“Ahahahahaha, I got it! I finally got it! So it’s like this… Hahahaha, this is very interesting…” A high pitched scream suddenly sounded from afar. Fei and Akara turned around and saw white-beard old man Cain rushing to them as if he got with the woman of his dreams. As soon as he saw Fei, he grabbed Fei’s hand as if he wanted to get an appraisal. He took out a few magic armors and laughed. “Mister Fei, I got it, I finally got it. This is how these magic engravings and patterns function… Hahahaha, looks at these armors…”

Fei took a good look.

He realized that the armors in Cain’s hand were very familiar; they looked like the armors that he stripped from the silver-masked knight who was the commander of the black armored troop. However, the color and the magic fluctuation of the armors were completely different. They were no longer like the magic items from Azeroth Continent, but rather like the familiar magic items from the Diablo World.

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